Lack of Action? Here is the AcCie!

Hello dear AEGEEans!  It is time to introduce this year’s AcCie: First, I would like to introduce to you our Marieke. At first she was known as the General Member of the committee, our flying keep, the ‘manusje van alles’,  but after a little while she was ready for more. Therefore, she was promoted to FR-Responsible: one of the most important functions in our committee. A few meetings with Margriet … Read more

Introducing our Introduction heroes

Jennifer Apell The Strawberry Mojito drinker and avocado hater of our committee is no one else than Jennifer. Apart from being our best and only Treasurer; Jennifer also enjoys watching Netflix, partying and going to the gym. Someday she would like to travel to Australia, so you might have guessed which animal she would like to be. There comes the surprise: a panda, but why? “because they’re lazy and cute” … Read more

Introducing the SAC

Since the application period for the XXXIIIrd board of AEGEE-Groningen has been open for quite some time, it’s time to get to know the SAC of this year! The team consists of Neepan Paramajothy and Tamara Koekkoek on behalf of the Advisory Board and Margriet Visser and Arjan Tilstra on behalf of the Board of AEGEE-Groningen. Let’s start off with Arjan, our beloved Treasurer of the XXXIInd board. When you … Read more

Meet the most sportive committee among us

The Batavieren committee is a group of very sporty, athletic and fun-loving people. Our goal this year is to motivate the AEGEEans of Groningen to become just as sporty and have the time of their lives while participating in the 48th annual Batavierenrace. We know that we have limited possibilities of winning the race as there are a lot of sport associations and people who are more prepared about running … Read more

Introducing… The Europe Committee members!

Go Europa! By your powers combined, we are the Europa Committee!  We are a committee all about pan-European integration and the things that unite all of us from around the world. To that end, we have gathered together a fabulous group of buddies from all over, who are as different as they are lovable. Second only to our passion for our Europa events, we are also united by our passion … Read more


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