February Introduction Period 

Do you want to get to know AEGEE? Come and join our introduction period! Several activities will be organized which you can join by signing up through the specific link. You can join as many activities, as you like, don’t miss this chance to get to know us!

Cook Alongs

Are you ready to eat some great food 🥘 and meet awesome people while doing it ✨🙋🏻‍♀️? Now’s your chance!

Get to know our adventurous association with the help of wonderful introduction parents 🧑🏾‍🍳. They will send you a list of ingredients and show you how to turn them into a delicious meal via Google Meet!

Cook, eat, and have fun together safely from home. Sign up is free, but ingredients will be 5-8 euros for cook-along 1, 2, and 3. The end dinner will be a three-course meal with ingredients 6-10 euros.

Intro Cook-Along #1: Feb 17, sign up before Feb 15 using this form
Intro Cook-Along #2: Feb 24, sign up before Feb 22 using this form
Intro Cook-Along #3: Mar 03, sign up before Mar 01 using this form
End Cook-Along #4: Mar 10, sign up before Mar 08 using this form

Weekly activities

Besides the intro dinners there will be a fun introduction activity every week.

Intro activity #1: Game night – February 16, 20.00 – on Discord:

To be able to join you need to sign up here!

Are you ready for a night full of fun 🃏? Do you want to test your skills in competition, cooperation, and maybe a little deception 👀? Come join our Bring-Your-Own-Game Night!
You’ll meet our amazing members, get to know our lovely association, and see some of our most popular games 🎲🎮! Think you beat us? We’re up for the challenge.
Or teach us your own favorites. We can’t wait!

Not familiar with discord? No problem! Leave your email in this form and we will send you a short explanation of where to download it and how to use it.

Intro activity #2: ’00s PubQuiz – February 25, 20:00 – on Discord:

To be able to join you need to sign up before February 23rd!

How nostalgic are you for the ’00s? Do you know everything 2000-2010 🤔? Or maybe you are an expert on the music we all grew up with 🎤? Show us what you’ve got in a quiz that will leave us all thinking; I remember that! There will even be a small prize for the winners available to be picked up or delivered to you in Groningen.

We will place you into small groups where you will work together to be the best 💪🏼! Want to sign up with a friend? Leave your friend’s name in the form and we will put you together.

The quiz is free and if you need some help with Discord you can let us know in the form.

Intro activity #3: Online Crazy 44 – March 2 – March 8 – WhatsApp

To be able to join you need to sign up using this form before February 28th!

If you’ve been bored at home for a while this is the activity for you 🤩! 7 days 44 possible challenges, are you ready?
You’ll have a group to help you and one whole week to send in as many as you can! We will challenge you to get moving 🏃🏾‍♂️, show us your favorite things 👀, and get to know your fellow team members online 🙋🏼‍♀️! If you win there will even be a small prize which we can deliver, or can be picked up, in Groningen.
You can leave the name of a friend if you would like to be put in a team together❤️.


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