Where to eat after a night out?

Dear reader,


Are you ready for a journey that will take you to all the best and worst places to grab a bite after (or during) a whole night of partying? Let’s go!


First of all, we’ll start with the one and only Caïro! This is a sacred place for AEGEE-Groningen. After the constitutional drink of the new board, the (drunk) president will give a speech standing on the tables in Caïro. It is definitely an experience and this is why you should always go to Caïro after or before a night out! 


Next up we have a Greek restaurant, right in the Poelestraat, called filoxenia. I, Jennifer, only ordered fries and chicken nuggets here, but those tasted amazing so I can highly recommend it. And to be fair, that’s basically my go to order after a night out so I am the person to ask where you can get the best chicken nuggets 😉 Besides this,  I know that this is the go to place for some of our AEGEE members to get their food after a night out so it must be a good place! 


Thirdly we have the famous Hasret. Some people love it and some people always get sick after getting food from here. So you should try it and see on which team you belong 


Then we have a place next to Hasret called Donerix: the place where Joris and Ben once had some food after a constitutional drink (no not our own consti) and they don’t remember that much of it besides it being really oily and rude employees. 


Last but definitely not least: Hoek. This one is an old classic. This place, located in the centre and beating heart of Groningen, has opening times, which will even shock a red light district. The famous snack wall will provide you at all times in a day, with a huge variety of not so warm, close to cold snacks . The prices are a little bit higher, but in return you will get amazing Eireballen. If you want fresh snacks or fries, you can always go to the counter, where a sometimes friendly man will help you. And as a small tip, choose the chicken burger. After a few beers, this will taste like heaven on Earth.


Hope you all enjoyed reading it and see you somewhere in Groningen <3


Lots of love,


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