Autumn Network Meeting Aachen: A short review

In November, AEGEE-Aachen organized a Network Meeting. While signing up, I was not exactly sure how it would look like, but as it turned out, there was no need to worry about anything. Our adventure started with a city tour, and after wandering around in the cold, we were welcomed with a warm homemade dinner at our hostel. During the very first evening, we had the opportunity to get a … Read more

Pesadilla Antes de Navidad – Interview AEGEE-Madrid

Please introduce yourself a little bit It’s Marina Lopez, member of AEGEE since 2012. I became an active member in Autumn ZarAgora 2013. Since then I have participated and organized many different events, but my favorite one are the Summer Universities, of which I have attended 4. Currently, I can’t imagine myself and my life without the experiences that I have gained in AEGEE. This is Alberto Arroyo, one of … Read more

Agora Istanbul – and a cup of tea, please

At the moment I am writing this lovely piece, it is raining cats and dogs. Luckily, the (meteorological) spring is around the corner, as well as the Spring Agora! This seemed to me the perfect moment to look back at the Agora earlier this year – you would almost have forgotten about it – the Autumn Agora in Istanbul, held from 2 till the 7th of October 2018. For the … Read more

Deep Dive in Georgian Culture

Nou nou, denk nu niet meteen bij Summer Universities aan zon zee en strand in Spanje of Italië. Je krijgt dit alles en nog veel meer als je naar Georgië gaat! Daar kwamen Matthieu en ik afgelopen zomer achter toen wij na twee hectische weken rondtrekkend door Georgië, weer terugkwamen in ons (SU) hostel in Tbilisi. Dit keer waren we helemaal alleen, zonder organizers of andere participants, zonder twee uur … Read more

Franck Biancheri Award – Representation needs Participation: European Elections

From the 13th of April till the 15th of April the Franck Biancheri Award Conference: ‘’Representation Needs Participation – European elections’’ will take place in Salerno. But I already hear some of you AEGEEans thinking: ‘Who is Franck Biancheri?’ and ‘What is this Award Conference about?’. Let’s give you the answers to these questions in this article!     First of all, if you don’t know who Franck Biancheri is, you’re … Read more


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