Introducing our Introduction heroes

Jennifer Apell The Strawberry Mojito drinker and avocado hater of our committee is no one else than Jennifer. Apart from being our best and only Treasurer; Jennifer also enjoys watching Netflix, partying and going to the gym. Someday she would like to travel to Australia, so you might have guessed which animal she would like to be. There comes the surprise: a panda, but why? “because they’re lazy and cute” … Read more

The Erasmus Experience

For the average student going abroad is just about leisure, a diversion that only serves as a means of relaxation. For an AEGEEan however, it serves to quench the thirst for adventure; what better way to dip your toes into another culture and broadening your worldview? Perhaps that is the reason why it was so easy to make this decision. The decision to take the plunge and swim deep underneath … Read more

Pesadilla Antes de Navidad – Interview AEGEE-Madrid

Please introduce yourself a little bit It’s Marina Lopez, member of AEGEE since 2012. I became an active member in Autumn ZarAgora 2013. Since then I have participated and organized many different events, but my favorite one are the Summer Universities, of which I have attended 4. Currently, I can’t imagine myself and my life without the experiences that I have gained in AEGEE. This is Alberto Arroyo, one of … Read more

The Hitchhiking Committee, surprise!

After waiting for weeks for Calvin to write his introduction, he decided that he would just write everything himself. Therefore, without further ado, he will introduce you to the fantastic hitchhiking committee! Welcome back to yet another blog post about another amazing committee! This time it’s all about the one and only Hitchhiking Committee! WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! There is so much stuff to tell you about each and every person in this … Read more

Nice – A Story of a Southern French City

The first excursion of the year went to the south of France and had a lot of wonderful prospects. Besides higher temperatures, we could look forward to a weekend with wine and cheese on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Little did we know that a week after the excursion we would find Groningen covered in white. It was a wonderful weekend with a very relaxed committee, a small group … Read more


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