EPM Izmir: The long journey of Annelies to Izmir

Dearest AEGEEans, Feeling like an easy and fun read? Well, here is the piece you’ve been waiting for, which I would like to call ‘The long journey of Annelies to Izmir’.  Let’s go back in time, to February 5th 2019. My partner-in-EPM-crime Charley and I arrived fully packed at Schiphol, where our adventure to our very first European Planning Meeting was about to begin. Our flight was leaving at 1 … Read more

Spring Agora București 2019: It was up to us

From the 8th of May to the 13th of May, the Spring Agora București took place in the beautiful city of București. At this Agora – which is the bi-yearly General Assembly of AEGEE-Europe – a lot of important topics were discussed for the future of our association and there were elections for several vacant positions. And of course what should not be left out of an Agora, are fantastic … Read more

Agora Istanbul – and a cup of tea, please

At the moment I am writing this lovely piece, it is raining cats and dogs. Luckily, the (meteorological) spring is around the corner, as well as the Spring Agora! This seemed to me the perfect moment to look back at the Agora earlier this year – you would almost have forgotten about it – the Autumn Agora in Istanbul, held from 2 till the 7th of October 2018. For the … Read more

Going home after Agora Catania

Sitting on Arlanda airport in Stockholm ready for my next trip, I think about the last time I travelled by plane. In the end of September, the Autumn Agora took place in Catania. Yes, that’s on Sicily. Since I’d moved to the cold and dark yet extremely beautiful city of Stockholm in August, I could use some sun. Super early in the morning I woke up to catch my flight … Read more

Vakkundig de grond in geboord: samenvatting van de Spring Agora 2017

Was jij niet aanwezig bij de Spring Agora in Enschede? Of was je er wel, maar ben je door de vele feestjes het meeste alweer vergeten? In dit artikel geeft Paul een overzicht over wie er zijn verkozen voor de verschillende posities en welke proposals en documenten er precies zijn aangenomen tijdens de afgelopen Spring Agora. Het woord is aan onze eigen President Paul: Hoe er gestemd is? Voor de … Read more


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