The challenging, elusive but wildly interesting European level – HRC edition

From your own fellow local reporting from the HRC: Roger Op Heij. Here is another piece from your fancy editorial committee chairman, who also seems to be part of the HRC on European level. Say who? The HRC, the Human Resource Committee. What is that, the HRC, and what do they do? The committee focuses to help the network to stimulate and activate you and every other AEGEE member, to … Read more

Meet the Editorial Committee!

Dear members of AEGEE-Groningen, Have you seen lovely articles in the Gronoloog? Have you ever wondered who delivered you these wonderful stories and informational articles? That would be us! The three headed Editorial Committee! We love to hear what is going on and talk about what we experienced. This year we will keep you updated and informed with what is going on and what you will need to know in … Read more

The best way to learn a language is your own way

In linguistics, we often talk about two main types of motivation for learning a language: instrumental and integrative motivation. Instrumental motivation means that you are motivated to learn a language for practical reasons, such as professional advancement, business, integrating in order to benefit from rights accorded to citizens, or because the colonial oppressors do not allow you to use your own language when dealing with governmental administration or in court. … Read more

Michiels 10 ergernissen

1: Domino’s kortingscodes Zo nu en dan is lekker goedkoop bestellen en een vieze Domino’s pizza eten the way to go, als je geen zin hebt om te koken en niet meteen bakken met geld kwijt wil raken. Maar er zijn sommige mensen die hierin doorslaan en klaarblijkelijk drie keer per week op de goedkoopste manier Domino’s willen bestellen en dan ook zonder moeite eventjes vragen in bepaalde groepapp’s of … Read more

15 guilty pleasures of AEGEE-Groningen

My guilty pleasure is that ONLY ONCE A YEAR(!) I like to dress myself as a hot chick. – Calvin B. Dancing, so I can lose my energy. – Roger O. H. My guilty pleasure is Dragostea din tei by O-Zone, which I rediscover every three weeks and put on repeat because of the crazy catchy beat. – Annelies K. Playing with Lego, so I can forget about everything and … Read more