Comite Directeur

Hoe geweldig een Agora ook is, het is niet praktisch om telkens 700 man bij elkaar te moeten brengen alvorens beslissingen genomen kunnen worden. Daarom stelt de Agora elk jaar een Dagelijks Bestuur aan, het Comité Directeur. Het CD zetelt in Brussel, in het CD-huis, en is voor 2015-2016 als volgt geconstitueerd:

Aleksandra Kluczka (AEGEE-Kraków)

Secretary General
Svenja van der Tol (AEGEE-Nijmegen)

Financial Director
Ander Guerrero Ruiz (AEGEE-Zaragoza)

Vice-President and Projects Director
Réka Salamon (AEGEE-Aachen)

Communications Director
Anna Gumbau (AEGEE-Barcelona)

Interim Network & Human Resource Director
Maryana Semenyak (AEGEE-Lviv)

External Relations Director
Pablo Hernández (AEGEE-Thessaloniki & AEGEE-Alicante)

What is the Comité Directeur?

Anita Kalmane, AEGEE-Europe Vice President & Network Director 2009/2010

“How it is – to live in the CD House? How it is – to work on AEGEE full time, every minute, hour, day and month after month? Are they also humans, normal AEGEE members or just some serious people on the top? Will they bite us?” – do you also have one of those questions in your mind? Smile

Some of you might be asking those questions to yourselves. Some of you might be asking those questions to other AEGEE members. Some of you might be just thinking, too scared to ask. And some of you might know how it is, so they do not need to ask. Smile

When Niels (European Affairs Director 2009/2010 AEGEE-Groningen) asked me to write an article for AEGEE-Groningen (my favourite Dutch word) website, I could not decide what to start with. What to tell you – our tasks, our daily schedule, our personalities, our favourite food and movies or our dreams? It is not possible to tell all of that in one article. It is not possible to tell even half of that in one article.

But close your eyes and dive back in past with me…

It was February 2007. I was a fresh AEGEE member going to my first international AEGEE event – EBM Gliwice 2007. I did not know almost anybody in AEGEE out of my local and I had no idea what is CD, of course. So I was sitting there in EBM Gliwice, eating lunch with people I met on the way to EBM, when a guy in a suit sat down next to us as well. He didn’t speak with us, he just ate his lunch and left.

I asked – “Is he President of AEGEE-Europe?”. They laughed at me and said: “No, he is IT of the Chair Team, why do you think he is President?” I was really ashamed of myself, because the main reason why I thought so – he was in a suit and he looked serious.

Now I am laughing when I remember that scene or the year later in April 2008 when President of AEGEE-Europe started to speak with me in the lift and I was surprised that he even knows my name!

What did I want to tell you? CD are the same people as you are. We have our own stories when we were fresh, we have our own AEGEE and personal dreams, but most of all – we all (both you and us) are AEGEE members. And that’s all what matters when you really meet us.

Don’t believe? Drop by the CD House, get to know our (also yours!) house and get to know us. People who come to visit us tend to come back again and again.