Welcome to the website of AEGEE-Groningen, the European student travel association in Groningen! We offer you great trips, European friends, congresses and lectures in Europe, combined with awesome parties. In Groningen, AEGEE has 350 members, but all over Europe we are represented in 40 countries with 13.000 members! Are you an international student in Groningen who wants to know more? Swing by at one of our weekly Social Drinks at the Brouwerij from 10 p.m. onward, or send an e-mail to board@aegee-groningen.nl. Are you a member of another AEGEE-local and want to visit the beautiful city of Groningen? If that is the case, we would love to meet you and show you around! Contact our European Affairs Director for more information: europeanaffairs@aegee-groningen.nl.

Become a member

Are you interested in AEGEE-Groningen? Do you want to become a member or would you like to receive some more information? Click here and fill in the membership form, or ask for more information. You can become a member throughout the whole year and our annual membership fee is €50.

Introduction periods

After the KEI-week and in February, an introduction period takes place. You can get to know AEGEE-Groningen and her members better without any obligations. You can find more information on this site or send an email to: intro@aegee-groningen.nl.

Where to eat after a night out?

Dear reader,   Are you ready for a journey that will take you to all the best and worst places to grab a bite after (or during) a whole night of partying? Let’s go!   First of all, we’ll start with the one and only Caïro! This is a sacred place for AEGEE-Groningen. After the constitutional drink of the new board, the (drunk) president will give a speech standing on … Read more

Meet the Almanak Committee

Hi everybody!! We are Leanne, Niek, Roisin, Dana, and Nine! We are this year’s Almanak Committee! For those that don’t know, at the end of the year the Almanak gets handed out with a recap of everything that has happened in AEGEE-Groningen in the previous 12 months. We have already started the process of creating the Almanak, and have already bombarded the other committees and teams of AEGEE-Groningen with messages. … Read more

Meet the hitchhike committee

Hey there enthusiastic reader! Nice that you take a look at our page at the new hitchhike committee from this year. We are the committee that will organize all the hitchhike trips this year, and I can already tell you, it’s going to be amazing! But first, lets introduce ourselves from the committee; Hello Everyone! My name is Vincent and this year I am the chairman of the hitchhikeCie. My … Read more

Lustrum trip to Egypt

Egypt, the land of a lot of history, pyramids and culture. Our 7th Lustrum went to this country, with to celebrate our own and Egypt history Finally, the much-anticipated Lustrum trip to Egypt arrived, and on November 18, 2023, the excitement reached its peak. Our adventure kicked off in Cairo, a city so lively that even the early birds got to witness its hustle and bustle on arrival day. November … Read more

Sinterklaar with the AcCie

On December 5th, Pakjesavond, we organized a Sinterklaas evening! Everybody brought some gifts and a good spirit and it was time for ‘t ‘heerlijk avondje’ to begin! The beautiful dices with our faces on it were being used at our five tables.  We started the night with round one where there was options of gifts being opened or passed around. Some gifts were pretty big and people were very curious … Read more


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