The current board

The XXXIV Board (Forti Vesica) is constituted as follows:


President & FR-Responsible

Belinda Schaatsenberg (she/her)

The president is the face of the association for other student associations and external parties. It is her job to keep oversight and ensure the board works together smoothly.

In addition, she is also responsible for the association’s fundraising efforts this year. Using a professional approach she will secure essential cooperations to support our association.


Secretary & PR-Responsible

Shenza Gunput (she/her)

The secretary is responsible for the contact between the board and the members of AEGEE-Groningen. She watches over our administration and keeps it up to date. She also ensures our office looks presentable.

In addition, she is this year’s PR-Responsible. Through an extensive PR plan, she will ensure that AEGEE-Groningen is presented in an attractive way, both in- and outside of Groningen.


Treasurer & Vice-President

Annemijn Hermsen (she/her)

The treasurer is responsible for the association’s financial affairs. She keeps an eye on the budget and ensures all money that comes in is spent in a responsible way.




Local Affairs Director

Ann Smith (she/her)

The Local Affairs Director is responsible for all local committees and activities. She supports the committees where necessary, so they can perform their tasks as well as possible. Furthermore, she tries to increase the connectedness between members of the association.



European Affairs Director

Lars Marée (he/him)

The European Affairs director is responsible for all Europe-focused committees, as well as the contact with AEGEE-Europe. He also makes our local members enthusiastic about Europe. He is responsible for all European affairs/contacts and trips.






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