On this page you can find the partners of AEGEE-Groningen. If you buy something from our partners, make sure to use the discount codes or links provided on this page. In this way, a part of the amount of your purchase will go to AEGEE-Groningen.

For all your books, gadgets, furniture, etc. you obviously go to! AEGEE-Groningen receives a nice amount every time you order something via this link!

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You will get a discount on your Domino’s order with the following code: 76759
You will get a discount of 10% on 1 pizza, 20% on 2 pizza’s, and 30% on 3 or more pizza’s! In addition to this AEGEE-Groningen receives a small kickback over all the pizza you order.

Sponsor AEGEE-Groningen by using this website! For every order you place via Sponsorkliks, for example, at Zalando, Wehkamp or we get a small commission.

Blended Capital is the first recruitment platform to connect non-Western talents with companies. We innovate the recruitment process by flipping it around: companies will apply to you, if you are the best fit. Is there a match? Enjoy your new job!

Blended Capital is the first recruitment platform to connect non-Western talents with companies. Easily find the perfect talent by browsing through our various profiles or allow talents to apply directly to your vacancies. If there is a match, congratulations on finding your new employee!

Enter ‘AEGEEGxBC’ from AEGEE-Groningen at ‘how do you know Blended Capital?’ by selecting ‘referred by an association’.

As an online marketing agency, we always strive for maximum returns for our customers. Our driven specialists achieve real results based on good cooperation. Especially in e-commerce and competitive industries. Challenge our online marketing agency! We prove ourselves again and again, so that we always achieve the fastest results together with our customers.


Students are increasingly under pressure from changes. If you opt for the necessary fun as a student, it seems to be at the expense of your studies. Conversely, tension complaints arise in the student who cannot let go of his studies!

If negative feelings continue to arise, it is high time for a ‘wake-up call’. Together with your Student Coach from Wake Up Student, you will look at how you can combine effective studying with a constructively active student life, in which goal orientation, personal development and motivation are central.

You can also contact us for study choice and career advice. After registration, you can go for an introductory meeting the same week.

Whether you want your thesis, beer mats or other things to be printed, at Studentendrukwerk everyone prints and binds for a competitive student rate!

At bicycle store de Ganze you will get a 10% discount as a member of AEGEE-Groningen!
Locations: Oude Kijk in ’t Jatstraat 69 & Westerkade 4

Fancy a nice coffee or lunch? At Lust Groningen you receive a 10% discount on your order as an AEGEE-member!
Locatie: Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 58

GroningenLife is a platform for (upcoming) students in Groningen. They are a group of enthusiastic students who can tell you everything about the student life in Groningen. On our website you can find information regarding study, hotspots, culture, associations, housing, sports, practical and finance. Take a look at their instagram page (@groningenlife) where they post nice content for (upcoming) students!


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