Meet the hitchhike committee

Hey there enthusiastic reader! Nice that you take a look at our page at the new hitchhike committee from this year. We are the committee that will organize all the hitchhike trips this year, and I can already tell you, it’s going to be amazing! But first, lets introduce ourselves from the committee; Hello Everyone! My name is Vincent and this year I am the chairman of the hitchhikeCie. My … Read more

Meet the Europe Committee!

Hello and welcome to the start of a new year and a new Europecie: the committee for all things European. This year we will be organising events ranging from potlocks to pub quizzes on European traditions. And as the European elections approach, we’ll be hosting workshops and talks on EU history and political activism – we hope to see you there! A word from our members, who come from as … Read more

Meet the Activity Committee ’22-’23!

AAAANNNNNDDDD Action! Again…. Again? Yes again, because once again, like every other year there is an activity committee that’s ready to provide awesome activities for the all the members of Assenstation detas sjeneroo etudiah del Ehroop and outsiders who get tagged along because they don’t have anything else to d….. I mean because they wouldn’t want to do anything other than hanging out with awesome AEGEEans! Right now you’re maybe … Read more

Meet the 35th Board!

After two months of being the board of AEGEE-Groningen, we think it’s time for us to share a bit about ourselves!  This year, Leanne is our President and PR-Responsible! Something you might know about Leanne is that she cannot smell. No, its not because of Covid. No, she also doesn’t know why, and no, she also cannot smell gas. If you are ever looking for her, just wait for like … Read more

Aankondiging van de AlmanakCie!

Het is woensdagavond en de wekelijkse vergadering wordt geopend door onze geweldige (Hier is hij zelf het meest van overtuigd) voorzitter Reyno. Reyno is fanatiek waterpoloër en dobbelsteengooier, hierdoor vergeten we soms dat hij ook nog communication & multimedia design studeert. Als Reyno op reis gaat doet hij dit voornamelijk om te zien hoe het er in andere culturen aan toe gaat. Reyno zijn favoriete land is Noord-Ierland. Waar wij … Read more


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