Meet the Activity Committee ’22-’23!




Yes again, because once again, like every other year there is an activity committee that’s ready to provide awesome activities for the all the members of Assenstation detas sjeneroo etudiah del Ehroop and outsiders who get tagged along because they don’t have anything else to d….. I mean because they wouldn’t want to do anything other than hanging out with awesome AEGEEans! Right now you’re maybe wondering, what has the ACcie been up to at this point? Well… we already have done three different activities, with some more well on their way. Time for a small recap.

At first we did the IKEA bingo, which wasn’t actually the initial plan. Someone just happen to write their shopping list in a google form and send it to the other AEGEE media. In all the confusing we even lost Kalle in the Ikea during the activity. Luckily, it all resulted in a pretty fun activity that where groups had to find the items on the list within an hour. Some groups were even able to find him, just chilling in one of the bedrooms in the showroom area. So in the end, our beloved board member made it back to civilisation.

Up next was the Glühweindeling, which, as the name implies, is strolling around with glühwein. Groups had to walk address to address and do challenges. If they managed to perform the challenges in a satisfactory way, then they would get a hint. The hints of course would refer to one of the ACcie members, who may or may not have done harm to Ollie. In the end it was Yara who may or may not have done harm to Ollie. Who would have thought, Yara being able to may or may not do harm to a stuffed animal? Anyways, everything seems to be cookies  and eggs between them, so that’s nice.

Lastly we had the Movie Night. Here we had the privilege to rent out a movie theatre for ourselves and watch the movie Pride! Well, most of us. Niek had to suffer the joyful experience of writing a master thesis…. on his birthday no less. It wasn’t that bad, as he could end the day early with a reasonable excuse, going home to the metropolis that is Balkbrug to eat cake.

What is next for the ACcie?
Well, tonight we will be back with the AEGEE-classic; The European Night!! A wonderful evening of exchanging European culture.. fermented culture that is, although we are not allowed to mention that specifically, since AEGEE does not have a drinking culture.. So participants are encouraged to also bring lots of food from their designated country!^^

See you there at the next activities this year!!


The ACcie ’22/’23


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