Meet the 35th Board!

After two months of being the board of AEGEE-Groningen, we think it’s time for us to share a bit about ourselves! 

This year, Leanne is our President and PR-Responsible! Something you might know about Leanne is that she cannot smell. No, its not because of Covid. No, she also doesn’t know why, and no, she also cannot smell gas. If you are ever looking for her, just wait for like 5 minutes until she inevitably screams ‘Guys, GROUPPICTURE!!’. Some other fun facts about Leanne: She is an absolute kleptomaniac (no glass that she owns was legally acquired), she always brings her own pillowcase everywhere she travels (it also makes for a handy way to sneak more luggage on the plane), she loves the copy-and-paste functions of her keyboard (but she always forgets to change the dates), and she secretly likes it when you call her Mevrouw de Praeses.

Next up is Carla! She is our secretary (or should I say sexytary) and European Affairs Director. She is the crazy Romanian girl and also our baby spice girl. She can take minutes faster on her phone than on her laptop! Even though she is half-Hungarian she doesn’t know Budapest is in fact in Hungary. She just cannot get used to Dutch food: there is simply too much bread. She also always eats those mini pancakes without heating them up, but is surprised that we eat tomatoes as a snack. 

As Treasurer and FR-Responsible, Cédric is our money man! But you might know him better as our AEGEE-baby!! That’s right, both his parents were in AEGEE-Groningen back in its early days! So, it’s no surprise he ended up here. While we are talking about Cédric as a baby, rumour has it that his first word was ‘borrelen’ or ‘wine’. He is the youngest person in our board, but even though he was born 19 years ago, he still acts as a baby since he is always throwing stuff at Carla in the office. But baby or not, he always beats Leanne in De Slimste Mens-app. At least he has found something for which he can use all of his otherwise useless facts! Oh, he’s also in love with dassen (you can interpret this however you like).

And last but not least: our Local Affairs Director Kalle! Kalle is the crazy guy of the board. He hasn’t lost his pants in almost 3 years, and can regularly be found swimming in one of Groningen’s lakes. Everyday he questions his sanity when he claims he hears ‘You’ll Be in My Heart’ coming from the Martini tower at the 29th minute of every hour (no one else of us has ever heard it).  Speaking of songs.. He is the father of a pregnancy album in which each day of the 9 months lasts 12 seconds. Find it on Spotify: Zwaboldy – The Library Of Baby.

Our fifth and arguably the most important member of our board is Ollie, the cutest octopus and our amazing mascot. He has already enjoyed being used as a hat a lot, and cannot wait for more adventures this year!

We are really proud and happy to be the 35th board of this amazing association! We absolutely love it and are really excited about all the upcoming activities and trips this year! And of course, we are super excited to see you at all the social drinks! Speaking of which, see you tomorrow! Hehe.

Love, the 35th board!!


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