Egypt, the land of a lot of history, pyramids and culture. Our 7th Lustrum went to this country, with to celebrate our own and Egypt history
Finally, the much-anticipated Lustrum trip to Egypt arrived, and on November 18, 2023, the excitement reached its peak. Our adventure kicked off in Cairo, a city so lively that even the early birds got to witness its hustle and bustle on arrival day.
November 19 began with a breakfast slower than a sloth building the pyramids. Our tour guide, who clearly skipped the Wikipedia crash course, led us to the pyramids of Giza instead of Djoser’s. But hey, we had ample time to marvel at these majestic structures, and what else to do but take pictures? Lots and lots of pictures. When we finally put our cameras down, we were herded into a “not-so-top-secret” papyrus shop, which felt more like an escape room with closed curtains. Fortunately, we managed to break free without bankrupting ourselves. The day wrapped up with a delightful lunch and a hastily constructed yet stunning evening stroll along the Nile, with a ‘big boy’ as description of the tower.
November 20 brought a quicker breakfast, only half a lightyear this time. The day took a controversial turn as Europeans infiltrated an Islamic citadel meant to defend against them during the Crusades—spoiler alert: it didn’t work. After lunch in a market, we visited the cave church, thanks to the committee chair’s cave church obsession. The journey there was a breeze, but the walk back turned into an unintended exercise. The day concluded with a culturally rich boat tour on the Nile, featuring loud music, a ton of dancing, and thanks to a lack of a toilet, a unique sewage system—the Nile.
November 21, another unhurried breakfast, followed by a leisurely stroll to the Egyptian museum. One brave soul decided it was a good idea to take pictures in front of policemen but miraculously avoided jail. Inside the chaotic museum, an AEGEE’an took it upon themselves to give an unrequested tour. The curse of Tutankhamun spared us, and we ventured out for lunch before exploring a bustling bazaar, where AEGEE’ans played a real-life game of “Simba chased by other animals” before wisely retreating home. The night bus to Hurghada had its share of interesting moments, especially when a military guy with a duct-taped gun played an early morning game of musical chairs.
On the peaceful morning of the 22nd, we arrived in Hurghada, ready for a rest day. AEGEE’ans, deprived of alcohol in Cairo, found in a restaurant an excuse to order ridiculously large cocktails.
November 23 brought an okay breakfast and a tour to the “ugly, modern, and historically lacking” city centre of Hurghada. Attempts to enter the mosque failed, leading to a painfully expensive lunch. In the afternoon, we ventured into the desert with crazy jeep drivers, singing, swinging, and having an amazing time. Camel rides, dinner, a sunset, and stargazing ensued.
The last active day was the “Splish Splash Tour.” With a private boat, we explored coral, fishes, and a posh beach. The day was a mix of snorkelling, seasickness, and watching the sun set late in the afternoon. The final dinner was a grand affair, closing with drinks and heartfelt thanks to the committee for making the unforgettable trip possible.
All the love,
Board Benevolentia