Application procedure

  1. Find….
    one or more SU’s, with a maximum of three. Look up the subject, places and dates to see what suits you best. You can find all the Summer Universities of 2015 on the following page:
  2. Become a member…
    of AEGEE-Groningen. If you’re not a member of AEGEE you can’t apply for a Summer University. The membership fee of our local is €40,- annual, a lot of fun for a small amount of money! For information about becoming a member:
  3. Register…
    on the intranet of AEGEE, this is a webportal where you can find all the information about AEGEE-Europe. You can only register when you’re a member of AEGEE. When you are registered you can look up all the European events.
  4. Apply…
    for your Summer University! On the webportal of AEGEE you can now apply for one, two or even three Summer Universities. Don’t forget to write a motivation letter. Because it is such a popular project not everybody can be accepted.
  5. Questions?
    Do you still have questions? Send us an e-mail: board(at)aegee-groningen(dot)nl or fill in the contact form.


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