Sinterklaar with the AcCie

On December 5th, Pakjesavond, we organized a Sinterklaas evening! Everybody brought some gifts and a good spirit and it was time for ‘t ‘heerlijk avondje’ to begin! The beautiful dices with our faces on it were being used at our five tables.  We started the night with round one where there was options of gifts being opened or passed around. Some gifts were pretty big and people were very curious … Read more

Christmas dinner with the CookCie

Hello! We are Amelia, Jacob, Mieke, Henni and Joris and we are the Cooking Committee of this year! On the 7th of December we organized our first activity, which was a 3 course Christmas Dinner. Every course was a Christmas staple from a different country, namely the countries that we come from! The starter was a nice warm Barszcz soup and pan fried “Krokiety” (Polish croquettes) since our chair Amelia is from … Read more

Ice skating with the FitCie! A tradition was born

This year the FitCie organised an ice skating event for the third year in a row. This means that this event can now officially be called a tradition! The event took place in Kardinge and was attended by 25 ice skating enthusiasts and some people who were there for the ‘gezelligheid’. Most of the BataCie from Leiden also joined us. Since we will be teaming up for the Batavierenrace with … Read more

Batavieren Race 2022

This year, AEGEE Groningen sent a team to the 50th-ever Batavieren race on April 29th and 30th.  The 175 km Batavieren race stretches from Nijmegen to Enschede and consists of 25 stages which range from 3.5 to 10.7 kilometers. A different AEGEEer runs each stage and, on finishing, hands a vest with a time tracker to the next runner. On Saturday afternoon, the race ends and a massive party begins … Read more

Hangover Brunch

On Sinterklaas morning the Cooking Committee prepared a lovely hangover brunch for every AEGEE member who survived the social drink and was strong enough to climb out of bed. However, rumor has it, that it was definitely worth it! Lots of different kinds of food was served to cure everybody’s hangover, from sweet to savoury. The pancakes, waffles and blueberry muffins all perfectly fitted to the American theme. A little … Read more


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