Interest Groups

An Interest Group (IG) is an informal group of AEGEE members interested in one particular topic. The purpose of such group is to create a space in AEGEE to gather members with the same interest from all over Europe and provide a space for discussion for them. It might be an ideal place where ideas for new projects and initiatives spring up. It’s the ideal non-binding method to expand your horizon on various societal issues and to improve yourself!

The following Interest Groups are currently active:

• Culture: this Interest Group promotes European culture in all its forms.
• Gender Equality: this Interest Group creates a space for discussion and learning about issues regarding gender.
• Migration: this Interest Group focuses her activities around migration on European en world level.
• Health4Youth: this Interest Group promotes a healthy lifestyle among European youth and motivate them to adopt it in their lives.
• Language: this Interest Group promotes awareness within AEGEE about the value of multilingualism and helps with learning languages and discuss issues around language.
• Society and Environment: this Interest Group promotes awareness about climate change.
• Internet Governance: this Interest Group promotes awareness under young people about the voice they have within the conversation about the digitization of the world.

If you have questions regarding Interest Groups or would like to join one, visit their Facebook page for more information, or become part of their mailing list at If you have trouble finding information, feel free to send an email to the European Affairs Director via:


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