Here follows an explanation of the structure of AEGEE-Groningen.

General Members Assembly

The General Members Assembly (GMA) is the most authoritative body within AEGEE-Groningen. All members of AEGEE-Groningen can participate in the GMA through attendance or authorization. All decisions taken at this General Members Assembly are legally valid. Examples of decisions are: the charge or discharge of a board member, the approval of the budget or the financial annual report and the approval of the policy plan.

The board

General administrative tasks
The board is responsible for the functioning of the assocation. This task is given to the board by the General Members Assembly. The performance of the board is also assessed by the GMA, based on the policy plan presented by the board after its installation.

The board consists of the following functions:

President: The President is responsible for everything that happens within AEGEE-Groningen. He/she chairs the board meetings and is the first point of contact for parties outside AEGEE-Groningen.

Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for all administrative activities within AEGEE-Groningen. He/she sends the weekly mail and takes minutes during meetings.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for the finances within AEGEE-Groningen.

Local Affairs Director: The Local Affairs Director takes care of the committees that organize the local activities. In this way, the association remains lively on the local level.

European Affairs Director: The European Affairs Director is responsible for communication between AEGEE-Europe and AEGEE-Groningen. He/she is the first point of contact for European affairs and is responsible for the committees that organize trips. In addition, he/she is the one who maintains contact with the foreign locals.

Public Relations Responsible: The Public Relations Responsible ensures a good promotion of AEGEE-Groningen and its events.

Fundraising Responsible: The Fundraising Responsible takes care of the collaborations with partners and sponsors of AEGEE-Groningen

Vice-President: In the absence of the President, the Vice-President takes over his duties. This function is combined with one of the other duties.

The board of AEGEE-Groningen is supported in various ways. There is an Advisory Board, an Audit Commission, a Juridical and a Network Commissioner.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board (RvA) is composed of experienced members of AEGEE-Groningen. These are often people who did a board year and/or have been active on the European level. The purpose of the RvA is to support the board by giving solicted and unsolicited advice on certain topics. It also advises the GMA on the policy followed by the board and the individual board members.

Juridical Commission

The Juridical is the legal advisory commission of AEGEE-Groningen. It consists of at least two members of which at least one member has a background in law studies. If there are questions about a legal issue within the board, a committee or during the General Members Assembly, the Juridical can be consulted. Moreover, the Jurdical is aware of the Household Regulations and the Statute of AEGEE-Groningen. These are used to test decisions made by the board or the GMA.

Audit Commission

The Audit Commission (KasCo) consists of four people with treasurer experience. They often have been the Treasurer of AEGEE-Groningen themselves. The task of the KasCo is to check the Treasurer. The pursued financial policy is examined, bookings are checked and advice is given on matters where the Treasurer does not have a good understanding of.

Network Commissioner

Currently, the Network Commissioner of AEGEE-Groningen is Arend-Jan Tissing of AEGEE-Groningen.


There are various committees that organize activities within AEGEE-Groningen. In total, we have sixteen committees: the Activities Committee, Cooking Committee, Editorial Team, Europe Committee, European Event Committee, Excursion Committee, Fit Committee, Galant Gala Committee, Hitchhiking Committee, Integration Night Committee, Introduction Committee, KEI-Committee, Lustrum Committee, PR-Committee, Summer University Committee and the Yearbook Committee.


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