What is AEGEE-Groningen?

AEGEE-Groningen is the European student organization in Groningen. As a European organization we
organize hitchhiking trips, excursions, events and congresses all over Europe, and lots of local parties
and activities. This gives you the opportunity to make friends in Groningen and all over Europe!
Membership will only cost you €50,- per year.

AEGEE (Association des États Généraux des Étudiants de l’Europe) is one of Europe’s biggest
interdisciplinary student organizations. As a non-governmental, politically independent, and non-
profit organization AEGEE is open to students and young people from all faculties and disciplines.
Founded in 1985 in Paris, today AEGEE has grown to a Network of 13000 friends, present in 200 cities
in 40 countries all over Europe.

AEGEE-Groningen is part of this large European network and organizes European Events and Summer
Universities for these other locals. At a Summer University, other members come to Groningen to
join the two-week program AEGEE-Groningen has organized for them. Every year we have a great
time with all the new people we meet and enjoy showing them our beautiful city. Check out our
website www.summeruniversity.nl for more information. If you
live in Groningen, you can also visit one of the 80 other Summer Universities organized each year
throughout Europe. Go ride the Siberian Express with AEGEE-Moscow, go hiking in Georgia or lie on
the beach in Barcelona.

We also have great local activities and we travel to the other AEGEE-cities six times a year! Every
week we have a social drink at Wednesday evening from 10 pm at Cafe the Brouwerij (Poelestraat 27).
Furthermore, our committees organize fun activities, travels and lectures such as a Wine tasting, a
lecture on European Affairs or a trip to Istanbul.


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