In addition to committees, AEGEE-Groningen also has various societies. Every society has a different central theme and every year a society organizes an open activity for all members. The different societies are given below, along with their e-mail address. If you have any questions or if you would like to have more information, please send an e-mail to the specific society. If you are a member and would like to start your own society you can use this How to Start a Society Guide.

Current societies

Cape Numerum

The literal translation for this Society is “take a lot” or what they like to call it “poar neem’n”. Having fun together is the central theme of this society, and they are always willing to have a drink or two. Does this gain your interest or do you want to know more about this society? Send an e-mail to or have a chat with someone of the society during our weekly socials.



Export Enthusiast Society

This Society was founded by a group of friends in 2021, who shared a love for Export beer. We have 12 members in total and organize fun activities for our members. Most importantly however, we strive to be an open and accessible society for all. This means that first year AEGEE members are welcome as well!

Interested? Follow us on instagram:

Instructions Not Included Society

Alea iacta est! As Caesar once said, the dice has been cast. We of the Instructions-not-Included Society takes this phrase by heart, since we solely exist for playing games. This is taken very seriously, as we make our own rules before starting a board game. Just like crossing the Rubicon, there will not be any way back, this is how we shall play the game for that night. The loser will be noted and their fate shall be sealed by the judgement of our silent game master. Whom cannot be bargained with (unless it could).

Interested? You can send us an email:

F1 Society

We started out as a club of friends watching F1 together, and having some (quite a lot of) drinks. On Sundays we don’t just watch the races, we also enjoy having a drink and eating together. But most importantly, we are just having fun! If you’re interested, you’re welcome to join us for the new season! ???

The Swiftie Society

Once upon a time, a few mistakes ago.. we had never met anybody who had as many Taylor Swift records as us. But soon we found out about each other’s love for Taylor and our Wildest Dream was born: the Swiftie Society! Do you want to join all of our craziness? Don’t worry, we’ll save you a seat!

The Laughs & Crafts Society

The Laughs & Crafts Society is an enthusiastic group of creative minded AEGEEans who gather at least once a month to express their artistic side through different crafts. Whether it’s sipping tea, knitting, crocheting, macramé-ing, claying, or painting, we’ve got it covered! Members share their ideas, skills, and materials in a supportive and fun environment. Our monthly gatherings are all about having fun, de-stressing, and making progress in our works-in-progress (WIPs). Plus, we spice things up with an annual crafty workshop open to all members! So, come hang out with us – we’ll have a big pot of tea ready!

Previous societies

Kultuur Society

This society is all about culture. Wrapped in dungarees for any activity or outing together, they are looking for culture. For example, they went to the Groninger Museum together. Would you like to be part of this group of culture loving people?

Pool Society

This society likes to play, as the name states, pool. Every month, this group likes to play pool together, and afterwards they are always in for a drink. Often their activities are open to all members.

Salsa Society

Can you dance like Shakira? Or would you like to learn to do so? The Salsa Society is for dance lovers and all willing to learn. They regularly organize outings or follow salsa lessons together.

Games Society

This society is filled with people who love old-fashioned cozy evenings filled with exciting board games. Often this society also organizes open game nights for all members.

Wheese & Chine Society

Do you like cheese? Do you like wine? Do you like the combination? If the answer is “yes” to all three questions, you are a suitable candidate for the Wheese & Chine Society.

Family Society

The Family Society currently has four generations of members, from grandparents to new-born babies, and they keep on growing! What defines them? They are as their name says, a real family who celebrate birthdays together, go on yearly trips and just spend fun evenings together.

Halli Galli Society

The Halli Galli Society has founded in 2020 and exists of members who, of course, love to play Halli Galli. However, they have their own rules to the game. Want to know which ones? You have to discover that for yourself.

The Village Society

The members (or should I say inhabitants?) of this village have some very weird habits.. The most important one is the fact that they cannot drink out of normal cups. So, no cups. Right. ‘But how do you drink anything?‘ you may find yourself asking. Well, how about a lampshade? A vase? A chair? That sounds about right! You name it, nothing is is off limits.


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