Introduction periods

September Introduction period 

Do you want to get to know AEGEE? Come and join our introduction period! Several activities will be organized which you can join by signing up through the specific link. You can join one or even all the activities, but don’t miss this chance to get to know us!

Introduction Dinners

In doubt of joining the most adventurous association within Groningen? Join one of the intro dinners, where you can meet some of our members, talk about the opportunities AEGEE can give you, eat, and have fun! 🍽️ Our September Introduction Period cannot be complete without our famous introduction dinners, guided by lovely introduction parents. Below you will find all the dinners that we will organize which you can sign up for seperately.

Intro dinner #1 – Wednesday 2 September 19.00 (Costs: €4)

Intro dinner #2 – Wednesday 9 September 19.00 (Costs: €4)

Intro dinner #3 – Wednesday 16 September 19.00 (Costs: €4)

Intro dinner #4 – Wednesday 23 September 19.00: this will be a running dinner with a seperate event

Intro dinner #5 – Wednesday 30 September 19.00 (Costs: €4)

Running dinner

For this introduction dinner, we will shake things up a little. Time for a Running Dinner, where you will meet several introduction parents, as well as new (future) AEGEEans 👫🍽️ You will eat a course at three different places, so a bike is necessary!

The deadline for signing up will be September 21 23.59, which also will be the cancellation deadline. After the deadline, you will receive more information via email about your group and where you need to go. Costs are max. €6.

Sign up through the following form:

Weekly activity

Besides the intro dinners there will be a fun introduction activity every week.

Intro activity #1: Board game night – September 3 19.00-22.00

More activities will be posted soon.


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