AEGEE-Groningen organizes activities at both the local and the European level. Below you can find an overview of activities AEGEE has to offer.

Social Drink

Every Wednesday, we have our social drink at De Brouwerij (address: Poelestraat 27). It starts at 10 pm and it’s the ideal opportunity to meet other people from AEGEE-Groningen. Order a drink, exchange your travel stories and have a wonderful evening!

Informative Activities

Debates, lectures and workshops are frequently organized. During the Europe Week, various activities open to externals are being organized in collaboration with other international student associations in Groningen. A European Culture Night is also being organised.

Every year, our members can participate in a Local Training Course, giving them the opportunity to further develop their skills. For example, think of acquiring Social Media skills or learning to write an excellent CV.

Monthly Activities

In addition to drinks and informative activities, every year the Activity Committee (AcCie) organizes fun activities that are open to all members of AEGEE-Groningen. Examples of activities are a pub quiz, the Gotcha Games or an end-BBQ.

Introduction Period

Every year, two introduction periods are organized. The biggest one takes place in September. During the first weeks of the academic year, you have the opportunity to eat with other to be-members/new members at an intro parents’ house. The intro parents are experienced AEGEEans who are happy to tell you more about the association. In addition, a fun activity takes place every week – ranging from a night of pooling to a European Culture Night. The ultimate highlight of the introduction period is the Introduction Camp at the island of Schiermonnikoog. Here, new together with old members can get to know each other.

The second introduction period is being organized in February and is quite similar to the first one. For people who became a member throughout the year, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know the association even better. Also a lot of people who come to Groningen for six months take part in this introduction period.

Hitchhiking Competitions

Hitchhiking is the AEGEE-sport par excellence. What’s a better way to get to know Europe than to stand with your thumb up and a sign on the side of the road? That is the reason why AEGEE-Groningen organizes three hitchhiking competitions per year. The end point can be anywhere in Europe. Recently, we visited Leuven, Bruges, Bratislava, Bamberg, Lille, Prague and Bilbao.


Unfortunately, some cities are too far away to hitchhike to in one or two days. Nevertheless, we search for cheap trips by bus, train or plane to more distant destinations. A great thing is that we can almost always find shelter at people from an AEGEE-local. So often, you only pay for your own ticket and some beers. Cities we have visited in recent years are Krakow, Budapest, Nice, Sofia, Barcelona, Gdansk, Alicante and Dublin.

Every year, we also visit the European Parliament in Brussels or Strasbourg.

Summer University

The Summer University is the oldest and largest project of AEGEE. Many locals organize a two-week cultural and social program during the summer, where AEGEE-members from all over Europe can get to know the local and their members. AEGEE-Groningen also organizes an annual Summer University. Around 30 European students come to Groningen to get to know the Netherlands and the Dutch culture through fun activities such as sailing, a day in Amsterdam, a language course and various parties.


In addition to the Summer Universities, many different types of activities take place at the European level. Examples are European Schools where AEGEE-members from all over Europe can gain a lot experience through committee work, two Agoras and Network Meetings. An Agora is a European General Members Assembly, taking place in for example Istanbul, Bucharest, Krakow, Bergamo or another place in Europe. During Network Meetings, you have the opportunity to talk to members from all over Europe about current affairs within AEGEE. As a member of AEGEE-Groningen you can also become active within AEGEE-Europe, for example by participating in a Working Group or Committee about a certain theme.


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