Meet the hitchhike committee

Hey there enthusiastic reader! Nice that you take a look at our page at the new hitchhike committee
from this year. We are the committee that will organize all the hitchhike trips this year, and I can
already tell you, it’s going to be amazing!

But first, lets introduce ourselves from the committee;
Hello Everyone! My name is Vincent and this year I am the chairman of the hitchhikeCie. My passion
is about organizing events, visit them, and work on them! Besides that, I am a true AEGEEan, who
loves to travel anywhere and experience the craziest adventures with it. And you know what’s even
better? To combine travelling and organizing events at the same time! I am in my first year of my
Bachelor Facility Management at de Hanze and I am 21 years old. I love to hitchhike and I am always
super excited for it. For this year I hope to learn a lot from organizing the best and most fun
hitchhikes this year and I hope to see you all there during the next hitchhikes!

My name is Liza, I am 23 years old Ukrainian, who thinks she can make a living being an artist and/or
critic. As you see from the previous sentence, I love ridiculous adventures and never follow an easy
way, and traveling is one of the ways I get to practice that! It’s been a year since I became an official
participant of AEGEE-Groningen, though, I was an indirect participant of some events and parties for
2 years, being drunkenly convinced by older AEGEE members and because I barely have a backbone
when it comes to that. I’ve been to more than 25 countries throughout the years, and AEGEE is
helping to make this list longer!

My name is Niels. I just finished my masters in Landscape History. I have a big love for the outdoors
and plants, especially native plants. Everyday I am trying to make Groningen a bit greener. So if you
have a garden, please let me know and we will rock this project together. The HitchhikeCie is a fun
committee to explore Europe on the most adventurous way. If you are reading this and you think “I
would love to hear more about this”, then just reach out to one of us. We all have this ‘wanderlust’,
don’t we? See you maybe on our next trip ;). Love, Niels

Heyy, I’m Manan and i moved to Groningen from India to study business economics. I love to cook
and read amongst other things. My love for travelling is the reason i decided to become a part of
AEGEE. I’ve been part of the introcie and currently I’m the PR responsible for the HitchhikeCie. You
can be sure to find me at de Brouwerij every Wednesday!

Hi, I’m Steffanie. I’m not ready for adult responsibilities yet so I decided to do an extra study to
become a high school teacher. I’ve been an AEGEE member for a while (this is year 7) and it has
brought me to many places. However, I’ve never had the opportunity to organise trips before so I’m
very excited to help organise the hitchhiking trips 🙂 Here’s to another amazing AEGEE year.

Our first hitchhike took already place in November. We had an amazing weekend to Amiens and of
course, we did a lot of fun activities, so we went to the Picardie Museum (where of course we had to
hear a lot of fun facts about history from Joris) and the beautiful old cathedral in the city centre.
After that Liza prepared an amazing scavenger hunt through the city with a lot of exciting and
challenging exercises and closed the day with some good Indian food and a good movie at the hostel.












Now I already hear you thinking; this sounds fun and exciting! Am I right? Don’t worry, there will be
two really amazing and fun hitchhikes coming up this year and of course you too can participate! But
before you participate in our awesome hitchhikes, you have to figure out where the hitchhike is
going to (with of course some hints you will get). We from the committee hope to see you all there at
the next hitchhikes and do a lot of fun activities, sightseeing, and of course, hitchhiking.

All the love, the HitchhikeCie ’23-’24.


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