Within AEGEE-Groningen, there are several possibilities to become an active member. You can choose from the following local committees: Activity committee, Almanak committee, Cooking committee, Fit committee, Introduction committee, KEI-committee, PR-committee, and the Editorial Team. There are still some spots left in the different committees. Would you like more information about this? Send an email to

Next to that, we also have committees organizing trips outside Groningen and thereby welcoming other AEGEEans as well. These are the following ones: the Europe committee, and the Excursion committee.

Below you can find an overview of all committees and its members.

The Activity Committee

The Activity Committee organizes fun activities throughout the year, like a movie night, a daytrip and the European night!


The Activity committee of 2023-2024 consists of:

Chair: Annemijn Hermsen
Secretary: Sylvia Schinkel
Treasurer: Isabel Seerden
PR-Responsible: Steli Simeonova
General Member: Claudia Schuurmans
General Member: 
Astrid Stulemeijer


Email address:

The Almanac Committee

The Almanac Committee creates the yearbook for the members of AEGEE-Groningen. The yearbook contains articles summarizing all the great activities that took place the previous year at our association. Besides that, it also contains entertaining and funny pieces from members as well!

The Almanac committee of 2023-2024 consists of:

Chair: Leanne Ribberink
Secretary: Niek Esselink
Treasurer: Róisín Clarke
PR-Responsible: Dana Schwall
FR-Responsible: Nine Fleskens

Email address:

The Cooking Committee

As the way to the heart of an AEGEEan is through his/her stomach, the Cooking Committee was created a few years ago. The KookCie organizes six eating activities throughout the year, such as a Christmas Dinner, a Valentine Dinner and a European Dinner.

The Cooking Committee of 2023-2024 consists of:

Chair: Amelia Duszak
Secretary: Mieke Wiersma
Treasurer: Joris de Weerd
PR-Responsible: Henrike Liang

Email address:


The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team takes care of the online magazine of AEGEE-Groningen, ‘De Gronoloog’, which can be found at The members of the editorial team write not only articles on interesting topics like Network Meetings and the various trips of AEGEE-Groningen, but also on discussions in the current political climate, recipes and the stories of members who study abroad.

The Editorial Team of 2023-2024 consists of:

Chair: Amelia Duszak
Secretary: Jennifer Apell
Treasurer: Jeffrey Schulman
General Member: Vacant!

Email address:

The Europe Committee

The Europe Committee organizes a variety of activities with a common theme, Europe. These activities include; European evenings where members can get acquainted

with AEGEE-Europe and what it has to offer, three lectures and a workshop based on topics related to the current political climate in Europe. Furthermore, they organize other cultural activities as well!

The Europe committee of 2023-2024 consists of:

Chair: Wendy Doddema
Secretary: Alina Stehle
Treasurer: Jarno Duiker
PR-Responsible: Lotta Vergragt
General Member: Vacant!

Email address:

The Excursion Committee

The excursion committee organizes two trips a year to a city where there is an AEGEE local. One of the two trips is the trip to Brussels, where a visit to the European Parliament is made. Cities visited in recent years include Tallinn, Brno, Bratislava, Venice, London, Dublin, Skopje, Sofia Budapest, Bordeaux, Bratislava and Alicante. AEGEE members who come from the destination city are always contacted and they often organize a city tour or a dinner.

The Excursion committee of 2023-2024 consists of:

Chair:  Cédric Andries
Secretary: Corne Schoenmakers
Treasurer: Johan Schuringa
PR-Responsible:  Porfirio Osuna
General Member: Karl-Erik Toom

Email address:

The Fit Committee

The Fit Committee is concerned with the participation of AEGEE-Groningen in the Batavieren Race and the run-up to it, by organizing joint training sessions. This year they are doing this together with AEGEE-Leiden. They also organize two other sporting activities.

The FitCie of 2023-2024 consists of:

Chair: Jari Ankringa
Secretary: Maarten Voss
Treasurer: Marion Stoffers
PR-Responsible: Jeffrey Schulman
General Member: Luca Popescu

Email address:


The Galant Gala Committee

Every year AEGEE organizes a Galant Gala, a beautiful ball, together with Clio, Ubbo Emmius, NEXUS, VIP, SOG, SIB, GSb and Teimun. A delegate from every association has a seat in this committee. This year Lotta Vergragt will be representing AEGEE in the Galant Gala committee.

Email address:

The Hitchhiking Committee

After a few years without any hitchhiking, the Hitchhike Committee has been brought back to life! The Hitchhiking committee organizes 3 hitchhiking competitions to another AEGEE-city per year. Twice a year it is to a city which can be reached in one day and during the other competition the couples can take two days to get to their destination. Previous years we have been to Prague, Bilbao, Lille, Dresden, Paris, Genova, Barcelona, Zagreb, Zielona Góra, Ljubljana and Budapest on hitchhiking competitions. Before every hitchhiking competition, the committee organizes a workshop during which they give tips and tricks on how to hitchhike.

The Introduction committee of 2023-2024 consists of:

Chairs: Vincent Tebbens
Secretary: Liza Kolomiiets
Treasurer: Niels Visser
PR-Responsible: Manan Shah
General Member: Steffannie Hart

Email address: 



The Integration Night Committee

Every year AEGEE organizes an Integration Night together with SIB, ESN, Albertus Magnus, Vindicat and Dizkartes. This evening is meant to introduce Groningen, the student life and the participating associations to international and Groningen students. A delegate from every association has a seat in this committee. This year Jennifer Apell will be representing AEGEE in the Integration Night committee.

The Introduction Committee

The Introduction committee organizes two introduction periods for first year members at AEGEE and students interested in AEGEE. During the longer introduction period in September and October, the committee organizes activities for 6 weeks. Introduction dinners are organized every week where the new members get acquainted with older members by having dinner together after which they visit the social drinks together. During those six weeks the committee organizes a fun activity every week such as a picknick, a sport afternoon, poolen and an awesome end party. Besides, the introduction committee  organizes the introduction camp, where all members get to know each other much better. This committee also organizes the second small introduction period in February and March.

The Introduction committee of 2023-2024 consists of:

Chair: Mei Zuong
Secretary: Martyna Sawaryn
Treasurer: Antoni Harmsen
PR-Responsible: Marcell Lengyel
FR-Responsible: Vacant!

Email address:




The KEI-Committee

The KEI-committee organizes all kinds of activities during the KEI-week in order to promote AEGEE-Groningen to first year students in Groningen. We are still looking for enthusiastic members who would like to join the KEI-committee. Do you want more information about this committee or are you interested in joining it? Send an email to:

The KEI-Committee of 2023-2024 consists of:

Chair: Vacant!
Secretary: Vacant!
Treasurer: Vacant!
PR-Responsible: Vacant!
FR-Responsible: Vacant!
General Member: Vacant!

Email address:


The Lustrum Committee

This year the Lustrum Committee will start with the preparation of the celebration of the 35th Dies Natalis of AEGEE-Groningen, which will take place on the 25th of October 2023. To celebrate the seventh lustrum there will be multiple activities organised by this committee, such as a gala, an end-party, and a few other activities that will be determined later in the year, all of which will take place in the next calendar year. They will also organise the Lustrum-trip that will take place then. Besides this, they will create a lustrum book that will be revealed after the lustrum. The lustrum theme reveal will take place in this calendar year.

The Lustrum Committee of 2022-2024 consists of:

Chair: Cédric Andries
Secretary: Romy Hakkers
Treasurer: Arjan Tilstra
PR-Responsible: Astrid Stulemeijer
FR-Responsible: Leanne Ribberink
General Member: Arend-Jan Tissing
General Member: Koa Draisma
General Member: Kirsten Broekema

The Promo Team

The Promo team is involved in general promotional activities for AEGEE-Groningen throughout the year. They also design promotional material and promote merchandise.

The Promo team of 2023-2024 consists of:

Chair: Ann Smith
Secretary: Silke Tilstra
Treasurer: Yara Pennings
PR-Responsible: Sam Collins
General MemberElze Bonnema
General MemberEllen van Seventer
General MemberLeanne Ribberink

Email address:


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