Within AEGEE-Groningen, there are several possibilities to become an active member. You can choose from the following local committees: Activities committee, Almanak committee, Batavieren committee, Introduction committee, KEI-committee, Cooking committee, Lustrum committee, PR-committee, Editorial committee and the Webforge committee.

Next to that, we also have committees organizing trips outside Groningen and thereby welcoming other AEGEEans as well. These are the following ones: Europe committee, Hitchhiking committee, Excursion committee and Summer University committee.

Below you can find an overview of all committees and its members.

The Activities Committee

The Activities Committee organizes fun activities every month, like a Halloween party, Christmas activity and the Gotcha Games.

The Activities committee of 2019-2020 consists of:

Chairwoman: Kyra van der Ploeg
Secretary: Esther Plakke
Treasurer: Kevin Gooyert
Promotion Responsible: Charley Sjerps
Fundraising Responsible: Marieke de Jong

Email address:



The Almanak Committee

The Almanak Committee creates the Almanak, the yearbook, for the members of AEGEE-Groningen. The yearbook contains articles summarizing all the great activities that took place the previous year at our association. Besides that, it also contains entertaining and funny pieces from members as well!

The Almanak committee of 2019-2020 consists of:

Chairwoman: Sterre Lutterop
Secretary: Shenza Gunput
Treasurer: Djené Draisma
Promotion Responsible: Michiel Strijbosch
Fundraising Responsible: Vacature!

Email address:

The Batavieren Committee

The Batavieren Committee takes care of AEGEE-Groningen participating in the Batavierenrace. They make sure we are all extremely fit by organizing joint training moments.


The Batavieren committee of 2019-2020 consists of:

Chairwoman: Ann Smith
Secretary: Anna Pese
Treasurer: Lena Grosse
PR-Responsible: Mateusz Muszalski

Email address:


The Cooking Committee

As the way to the heart of an AEGEEan is through his/her stomach, the Cooking Committee was created this year. The KookCie organizes five eating activities throughout the year, such as a Hangover Brunch, a New Year’s Dinner and a European Dinner.

The Cooking Committee of 2019-2020 consists of:

Chairwoman: Lummigje Bottema
Secretary: Merlijn Millaard
Treasurer: Sacha Reus
PR-Responsible: Julia Rood
General member: Marcella Molemaker
General member: Steffanie Hart

Email address:

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team takes care of the online magazine of AEGEE-Groningen, ‘De Gronoloog’, which can be found at The members of the editorial team write not only articles on interesting topics like Network Meetings and the various trips of AEGEE-Groningen, but also on discussions in the current political climate, recipes and the stories of members who study abroad.

The Editorial Team of 2019-2020 consists of:

Chairwoman: Annelies Kamphuis
Secretary/(semi)Treasurer: Adriaan Eldering
General member: Demetra Korogiannou
General member: Mark Pasma

Email address:

The Europe Committee

The European Committee organizes a variety of activities with a common theme, Europe. These activities include; European evenings where members can get acquainted with AEGEE-Europe and what it has to offer, three lectures and a workshop based on topics related to the current political climate in Europe. Furthermore, they organize other cultural activities as well!

The Europe committee of 2019-2020 consists of:

Chairman: Ewout van der Schee
Secretary: Floor Steinebach
Treasurer: Matilde Ferrari
PR-Responsible: Andrea Rodrigues
General member: Wyatt Richardson
General member: Eleonora de Danieli

Email address:

The Excursion Committee

The Excursion Committee organizes three excursions per year, usually to a city where an AEGEE-local is situated. One of the three trips is the introduction trip to Brussels or Straatsburg where the European Parliament is located. Various cities have been visited the past few years, such as London, Dublin, Brno, Venice, Alicante, Gdansk and Sofia. The committee always tries to contact AEGEE-members in the destination who could organize city tours or dinners in order to gain a more local perspective into the trip.

The Excursion committee of 2019-2020 consists of:

Chairwoman: Annemijn Hermsen
Secretary: Bonno Smeets
Treasurer: Eike van der Weele
Promotion Responsible: Kalle Aaltonen
General member: Andreea Pana

Email address:

The Galant Gala Committee

Every year AEGEE organizes a Galant Gala, a beautiful ball, together with Clio, Ubbo Emmius, NEXUS, VIP, SOG, SIB, GSb and Teimun. A delegate from every association has a seat in this committee. This year Anne de Rouw will be representing AEGEE in the Galant Gala committee.

Email address:

The Hitchhiking Committee

The Hitchhiking committee organizes 3 hitchhiking competitions to another AEGEE-city per year. Twice a year it is to a city which can be reached in one day and during the other competition the couples can take two days to get to their destination. Previous years we have been to Prague, Bilbao, Lille, Dresden, Paris, Genova, Barcelona, Zagreb, Zielona Góra, Ljubljana and Budapest on hitchhiking competitions. Before every hitchhiking competition, the committee organizes a workshop during which they give tips and tricks on how to hitchhike.

The Hitchhiking committee of 2019-2020 consists of:

Chairman: Lars Marée
Secretary: Verena Schneider
Treasurer: Astrid Stulemeijer
PR-Responsible: Tijmen van Westerveld
General member: Zenthe van Donselaar

Email address:

The Integration Night Committee

Every year AEGEE organizes an Integration Night together with SIB, ESN, Albertus Magnus and Dizkartes. This evening is meant to introduce Groningen, the student life and the participating associations to international and Groningen students. A delegate from every association has a seat in this committee. This year Margriet Visserwill be representing AEGEE in the Integration Night committee.

The Introduction Committee

The Introduction committee organizes two introduction periods for first year members at AEGEE and students interested in AEGEE. During the longer introduction period in September and October, the committee organizes activities for 6 weeks. Introduction dinners are organized every week where the new members get acquainted with older members by having dinner together after which they visit the social drinks together. During those six weeks the committee organizes a fun activity every week such as a picknick, a sport afternoon, poolen and an awesome end party. Besides, the introduction committee  organizes the introduction camp to Schiermonikoog, where all members get to know each other much better. This committee also organizes the second small introduction period in February and March.

The Introduction committee of 2019-2020 consists of:

Chairman: Fleur Bekhuis
Secretary: Aleksandra Rachwalska
Treasurer: Jennifer Apell
FR-Responsible: Melanie van der Vlies
General member: Ludovica Piccioli

Email address:

The KEI-Committee

The KEI-committee organizes all kinds of activities during the KEI-week in order to promote AEGEE-Groningen to first year students in Groningen.

The KEI-committee of 2019-2020 consists of:

Chairwoman:Belinda Schaatsenberg
Secretary: Sophie Tijssen
Treasurer: Emmely Tapper
PR-Responsible: Florence Caron
General member: Vacature!

Email address:

The Nedertop Committee

The Nedertop Committee is formed by delegate members from most of the AEGEE-locals in the Netherlands. This year, for the first time, this committee has been put together to organize a weekend away during which all members of the locals in the Netherlands can get to know each other as this is the first step towards Europe. This year Arjan Tilstrawill be representing AEGEE-Groningen in this committee.

The PR-Committee

The PR-Committee is responsible for organizing general promotional activities for AEGEE-Groningen throughout the year! These activities range from giving away free ice cream to organizing a nice interactive game in the city centre about AEGEE. Besides, they also design great promotional materials.

The PR-committee of 2019-2020 consists of:

Chairwoman: Tamara Koekkoek
Secretary: Dacil Danioko Padilla
Treasurer: Nivedhana Paramajothy
PR-Responsible: Marta Mira
General member: Moa Bergman Asp

Email address:


The Summer University Committee

The Summer University committee organizes the Summer University in Groningen. During this European event around 30 AEGEE-members from all over Europe join us in Groningen for two weeks. Every year the SU has a different theme around which interactive workshops and interesting lectures are organized. Furthermore, the committee also organizes a weekend camp to Schiermonnikoog, a daytrip to Amsterdam and lots of awesome parties among which the infamous European Night.

The Summer University committee of 2019-2020 consists of:

Chairwoman: Kirsten Broekema
Secretary: Dagmar Rebel
Treasurer: Sam Geus
FR-Responsible: Rob Koster
PR-Responsible: Romy Hakkers
Incoming Responsible: Jeske Appelman
General member: Niek Esselink
Mascot: Suzie

Email address:

Europe on Track-team

The Europe on Track-team is responsible for organising the Europe on Track stop in Groningen on 3-5 April 2020.

The team consists of:

Chairman: Arend-Jan Tissing
Secretary: Jelmer Wiersma
Treasurer: Erik Merx
Externe relaties: Margriet Visser


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