Advisory Bodies

AEGEE-Groningen has three different advisory bodies: the Audit Commission, Juridical Commission and the Advisory Board. Advisory bodies support the board in various different ways.

Juridical Commission

The Juridical Commission of AEGEE-Groningen, JC for short, takes care of legal matters for the association. It is responsible for ensuring the association operates according to our statutes and Internal Regulations (IR) and for ensuring these documents are fully compliant with the law. In addition, the board can ask them for assistance in any other legal matters that might come up.

Members of AEGEE-Groningen are allowed to ask the JC for a response regarding legal matters. This possibility is based on grounds of the IR, article 8:1, paragraph 4. If members wish to make a change to the statutes or the IR, they can request the juridical to check the proposed changes on grounds of article 8:1, paragraph 3 (IR).

In order to execute the aforementioned tasks, the JC regularly meets in order to discuss matters. Of course, they also keep regular contact with the board.
Currently, the JC consists of:

  • Charlotte Sousa de Andrade Passos
  • Marieke de Jong
  • Johan Schuringa

The JC is still looking for new members. Are you interested in joining the Juridical Commission? Please contact

Audit Commission

The Audit Commission checks the budget and the administration of the Treasurer of the board, as well as supporting them in financial matters. The Audit Commission currently consists of:

  • Annemijn Hermsen
  • Belinda Schaatsenberg
  • Koa Draisma

The Audit commission is still looking for new members. Are you interested in joining the Audit Commission? Please contact

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is tasked with advising the board and the General Members Assembly (GMA) in matters regarding policy, organisation and finance. In practice, this means the Advisory Board is present at the GMA in order to provide advice, both when prompted and not. Additionally, the Advisory Board and the board meet about once a month.

Each board member has one member of the Advisory Board to talk to regarding more personal matters and for feedback on their work. If necessary, the Advisory Board can also have a mediating role in conflicts between other bodies or members within the association, if one of the conflicting parties requests it.

The Advisory Board consists of members who have a lot of experience as a board member or in organisational matters and who know the association well. Currently, the following members make up the Advisory Board:

  • Arjan Tilstra
  • Astrid Stulemeijer
  • Romy Hakkers

For any questions about the tasks of a member of the Advisory Board, you can contact the individual members or send an email to


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