External Relations

AEGEE-Groningen is affiliated with a number of external associations. At the moment, these consist of:

Integration Night

Every year the so-called ‘Integration Night’ is organized. The Integration Night Committee is composed of one member from AEGEE-Groningen and members from SOG, SIB, Albertus, Dizkartes and ESN. The Integration Night aims to stimulate contact between Dutch and International students. The evening offers AEGEE-Groningen the opportunity to increase its brand awareness and to introduce international students to our association.

Galant Gala

AEGEE-Groningen organizes the annual Galant Gala in collaboration with numerous associations within Groningen. Members of AEGEE-Groningen, SIB, NEXUS, Ubbo Emmius, Clio, SOG and VIP are members of the Galant Gala organization. More information about the gala can be found at http://www.galantgala.nl.

Groninger Internationaliserings Platform (GIP)

The Groninger Internationalization Platform (GIP) consists of internationally oriented student associations in Groningen, namely: AEGEE-Groningen, AIESEC, ESN, IFMSA, SIB & TEIMUN. This initiative is actively supported by the International Students Office of the University of Groningen. The Platform meets regularly to consult on possible joint activities and their future plans. Do you want to stay informed of developments within the GIP and follow announcements from the six associations? Then go to the Facebook page of the GIP!


Four times a year, all boards of Dutch-speaking AEGEE-locals come together to exchange tips and experiences, to discuss general European policy, to organize events together or to promote their own activities. These meetings, also referred to as “Nedertops”, provide good cooperative relationships and often more knowledge. The Nedertop meeting is always organized by a different local. Traditionally, Groningen is the location of the last Nedertop of the academic year, to which all candidate boards are also invited. Would you like to receive more information about the Nedertop? Send an e-mail to president@aegee-groningen.nl!


Together with the Dutch-speaking locals, AEGEE-Groningen has a vote in the National Youth Council (NJR). Every year there is one delegate who represents AEGEE. The delegate is chosen during one of the Nedertop meetings. Through the NJR we can influence Dutch politics and keep the members of AEGEE Groningen more politically aware. In addition, the affiliated AEGEE-locals are entitled to two NJR trainers every year. The NJR has a large and professional trainer pool.


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