Active members at the European level

Next to being able to become active within AEGEE-Groningen, it’s also possible to become active at the European level within AEGEE-Europe. Below you will find an overview of some of our members that are active (or used to be) within AEGEE-Europe and what they do.

Did this ignite your European flame? Meet up with the European Affairs Director and see what is possible!

Juan Carlos Leunissen (Strategy Committee)

Hola! My name is Juan. I became a member of the Strategy Committee for AEGEE-Europe since this summer.

What does our committee do? The Strategy Committee (StC) supports the AEGEE network with the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan of our AEGEE-network consists of Focus Areas and Organisational Improvements. At this moment, the Focus Areas are Political Activism, Social Equity, Mental Health and Climate Emergency. Each Focus Area has an action agenda that includes objectives for each Focus Area. Every year during the European Planning Meeting, every AEGEE member can help to construct those objectives. The Organisational Improvements are rather structural elements of AEGEE. For the Organisational Improvements there are also objectives formulated. Members Active at the European Level

The Strategy Committee supports the network with constructing, implementing, measuring and reporting these objectives and helps to organise the European Planning Meeting (EPM). In order to do that we have a great and diverse team, currently consisting of 11 members.

Why did I decide to join StC? When I was attending the EPM in Barcelona this year, apart from enjoying the sun, I really enjoyed contributing to the Focus Areas of AEGEE. We have a diverse network, but the Strategic Plan is one of the important factors that keep us together. It motivates me to strive for that.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I will be glad to answer them, because the work of our committee is very diverse and it is hard to explain it all in a few sentences.

Arjan Tilstra (Commissioner of the Audit Commission)

Hello! My name is Arjan and for the year 2020-2022 I will be a commissioner for the Audit Commission of AEGEE-Europe. The Audit Commission assists the Comité Directeur and the many different AEGEE-locals in matters regarding finance, such as creating budgets and reporting results.

membera Active at the EU level

Our team currently consists of one elected commissioner and subcommmissioners. During my work, I am responsible for the locals within the Mountain’t Network Area and the Rainbow Network Area, excluding

AEGEE-Groningen. If any of these locals have questions regarding financial matters, they can come to me!

The work of the Audit Commission is most visible during the Agora, when we provide the network with a voting recommendation on the CD’s budget and financial reports. Through the work of the Audit Commission, the entire network can benefit from specialist knowledge and a trained financial eye!

If you have any more questions about this position, feel free to approach me!

Aleksandra Rachwalska (Secretary & Impact Measurement in Where Does Europe End 2.0 Project)

Hey everyone 👋 I’m Aleksandra.

In the project team, I’m responsible for impact measurement. I will be assessing to what extent the objectives of the project have been met. I’m also the Secretary, and I keep our minutes organized 👩‍💻

I decided to join this project, because I’m interested in how people perceive their European identity. It’s something that can be influenced by many factors in life, and I’m looking forward to find out more about this topic throughout the project.

Joining a project in AEGEE is a great way to develop your skills, while working on a topic that you find very interesting. It’s also a very good opportunity to meet a lot of AEGEEans from other locals.

Previously Active Members:

Below you can see a list of members who were previously active at the European level of AEGEE.

  • Kirsten Broekema – Summer University Coordination Team
  • Roger Opheij – Human Resources Committee
  • Patricia de Vos – Human Resources Committee
  • Annelies Kamphuis – Subcommissioner of the Network Commission
  • Dacil Danioko Padilla – Mental Health Working Group
  • Charley Sjerps – Subcommissioner of the Network Commission
  • Arend-Jan Tilstra – Network Commissioner
  • Margriet Visser – Political Activism Working Group


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