Active members at the European level

Next to being able to become active within AEGEE-Groningen, it’s also possible to become active on a European level within AEGEE-Europe. Below you will find a overview of some of our members that are active (or used to be) within AEGEE-Europe and what they do.

Did this ignite your European flame? Meet up with the European Affairs Director and see what is possible!

Esther Plakke (Subcommissioner of the Juridical Commission)

Hi! My name is Esther and for the year 2019-2020 I am a Subcommissioner of the Juridical Commission of AEGEE-Europe (the JC for short). What does this mean? The JC provides AEGEE-Europe with internal legal consultancy and they regulate the internal functioning of AEGEE-Europe. The JC normally consists of three members (the Commissioners), and they are being assisted by the Subcommissioners. My tasks as a Subcommie vary from checking the statutes of locals to assisting the Commissioners at the Agora. In conclusion, I assist the JC with several tasks to ensure that the internal functioning of AEGEE-Europe runs smoothly.

Why did I choose to become a Subcommie? I study IT-Law at the RUG, and next to being a member of the local Juridical, I became a Subcommie of the Juridical Commission, firstly because I love to get to know the practical work behind my studies and secondly because being a Subcommie gives me the opportunity to improve my legal skills. If you study law and would like to improve your legal skills on an European level, becoming a Subcommie is a great opportunity for you, especially because becoming a Subcommie is easily accessible (it doesn’t take a lot of time!), yet it is a great learning opportunity. As a bonus, you’ll get to know more about the structure of AEGEE.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about being a Subcommie of the JC or about being a member of the local Juridical!

Patricia de Vos (Former Human Resources Committee)

Since October 2017 I’m active in the Human Resources Committee (HRC). After taking part in their Agora Mentorship Project in Catania as a mentor, I became very enthusiastic about their work and decided to apply. I got accepted and spent the last year as the project manager of the topic ‘Transparency’ which included leading the Agora Mentorship Project that I first took part in as a mentor. This big project is running for several Agorae and has the goal to prepare first time Agora-participants by matching them with experienced AEGEEans. But, that’s not the only thing the HRC does. We are also very busy with hot HR-related topics as the AEGEE-Identity, knowledge transfer, alumni managment etc. We even had our own live meeting in Warschau, Poland which was awesome. So, to conclude: the HRC works with a lot of different topics and we also have a lot of different AEGEEans in our committee, which makes the HRC very fun to be part of. The HRC also enables us all to ‘inleash our superHeRoes’!

Roger op Heij (Human Resources Committee)

What is that, the HRC, who are we and what do we do? The committee focuses to help the network to stimulate and activate you and every other AEGEE member, to participate, to learn and to do great projects within AEGEE. From when you just started as a member until you trade our beloved organization for a bigger and working world, we are there to support you when it comes to the most valuable resource of our organization, people and their, i.e. your, skills! Our team currently consists of 24 members, new as well as experienced from all around Europe, all from different locals. We are a perfect example of a virtual team since most of us haven’t met each other face-to-face.

We work together with and support locals and European bodies like the European executive board, the Comité Directeur, the Network Committee and AEGEE Academy by providing them with information regarding Human Resources. Our slogan – “Squeeze that Potential!” – is a good reflection of our main goal in the network: we strive to get the maximum potential out of every AEGEE member. Our pride and our work are shaped in the form of HR related projects. During these projects we collect information and data and summarize this information and data. Based on these data we make booklets, training sessions and workshops. But also think of bigger projects like the Agora mentorship project, that is us!

If you want to meet us and get to know us better, show up at the Agora Fair during the Agora. We will have our own stand there with some fun workshops and games to get you familiar with the European level and the bodies which operate on this level. We would love to provide you with answers to all your HR-related questions but also further questions you have for our committee. For every part of the Human Resource Cycle, from questions regarding recruitment, to questions regarding people become Alumni or exit AEGEE. You can even let us know if you are interested in becoming part of the HRC and work with us.

So check out the countless possibilities and opportunities around Europe and hope to see you somewhere around Europe!

Charley Sjerps (Subcommissioner of the Network Commission)

As a Subcommissioner, or Subcommie for short, of the Network Commission I assist the Network Commissioner of our Area with several tasks to ensure that all locals function smoothly and further develop the Network.

Within the current SubCom team I proudly carry out two tasks, PR-Responsible and Local Responsible.

As PR-Responsible I manage the Pancake Area Facebook page (click here), promote European Events and AEGEE opportunities as well as create clear promotional designs according to AEGEE-Europe’s Visual Identity. Being a PR-Responsible is a fun and creative task that allows me to make more people enthusiastic about the European side of AEGEE.

Next to being a PR-Responsible I am also the Local Responsible of AEGEE-Amsterdam and AEGEE-Eindhoven. I aid their boards whenever they are in need of assistance and make sure that these locals are healthy and making the most out of their network. Being a local Responsible is great, its fun to do and you have an excuse to crash other locals’ parties. 🙂

Annelies Kamphuis (Subcommissioner of the Network Commission)

Hi! My name is Annelies, and for the year 2019-2020 I am a Subcommissioner (SubCom) of the Network Commission of AEGEE-Europe. Basically, this means a helping hand of the Network Commissioner of the Pancake Area, the area where AEGEE-Groningen is part of. I will assist the Network Commissioner in the organization of Network Meetings (NWMs) or Regional Training Courses (RTCs) in our area. Also, I am the Local Responsible of AEGEE-Nijmegen. I will check their Monthly Reports, making sure the local stays healthy and keeps developing, and I will provide them of needed advice and help.

The reason that I wanted to become a SubCommie, is that I wanted to help out other locals with my board experience, as I am, soon to be was, the President and Local Affairs Director of the XXXIst board of AEGEE-Groningen. Also, I wanted to become more familiar with the European level of AEGEE. I think there are a lot of undiscovered opportunities waiting there for me, and also for you!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Margriet Visser (Political Activism Working Group)

Hello! My name is Margriet and I am a member of the Political Activism Working Group. A Working Group of AEGEE-Europe works to fulfill the objectives of the Strategic Plan of the corresponding focus area. The PAWG specifically aims to inform young people about the realities of European politics and society and to provide them with the tools necessary to become independent citizens able to act. Therefore, we design and provide workshops, represent AEGEE at (external) projects and events and conduct social media campaigns. We additionally support the Policy Office in writing statements on politically pressing issues. 

I joined the Working Group because I would like to contribute to get young people involved in European politics and to inform them about the workings of the European Union. In addition, I was curious about the possibilities of the European level and discovered that AEGEE-Europe has a lot of interesting connections with other organisations. Moreover, joining a European Body it is an excellent way to meet people and make new friends living all across Europe.

Check us out at @pa.aegee and Facebook

If you have any further questions, you can always contact me!

Dacil Danioko Padilla (Mental Health Working Group)

Hello everyone! My name is Dacil, and besides being a member of AEGEE-Tenerife and AEGEE-Groningen I’m also part of the mental health working group. When i heard about the creation of the focus area I instantly considered joining (but clumsy me almost missed the deadline). As I study psychology this was the perfect chance to share my knowledge with others but also learn new things myself.

On a daily basis, every week we meet to discuss the development of our projects and other topics like workshop to develop for antennae or our participation in European events, but we also find some time in our meetings for some chit chat and gossiping.Members Active at the European Level

In the beginning each member got to choose in which project they wanted to work and I decided to create a Mental health guide where I write about mental health related topics, explaining them and raising awareness. For this I need to do some research and a lot of writing but I can mark my own pace and make my own deadlines.

What I love the most about the working group is the freedom of choosing my own deadlines and how to structure my work, I can organise my week without problems and if anything goes wrong my team always understand it and is ready to help. I don’t want to brag about it but in the WG I have the chance to work with the best team I have ever worked with, more than team members I consider all of them great friends.

Is true that it takes a bit of time but also you have certain responsibility and you work in a team where more people depend on you, but this is a topic I love so I never struggle to find time for it

If anyone is wondering, yes you can study while being in a WG, right now I am doing my master and learning a new language next to it, so there is time, you just need to have good communication with the coordinator on how make things work.

If one of the WG seems interesting to you my advice is to join, because for me this was one of the best decisions I have done, I got to meet amazing people while learning nearly everyday new things, but also gaining more responsibility and experience with it.

Juan Carlos Leunissen (Strategy Committee)

Hola! My name is Juan. I became a member of the Strategy Committee for AEGEE-Europe since this summer.

What does our committee do? The Strategy Committee (StC) supports the AEGEE network with the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan of our AEGEE-network consists of Focus Areas and Organisational Improvements. At this moment, the Focus Areas are Political Activism, Social Equity, Mental Health and Climate Emergency. Each Focus Area has an action agenda that includes objectives for each Focus Area. Every year during the European Planning Meeting, every AEGEE member can help to construct those objectives. The Organisational Improvements are rather structural elements of AEGEE. For the Organisational Improvements there are also objectives formulated. Members Active at the European Level

The Strategy Committee supports the network with constructing, implementing, measuring and reporting these objectives and helps to organise the European Planning Meeting (EPM). In order to do that we have a great and diverse team, currently consisting of 11 members.

Why did I decide to join StC? When I was attending the EPM in Barcelona this year, apart from enjoying the sun, I really enjoyed contributing to the Focus Areas of AEGEE. We have a diverse network, but the Strategic Plan is one of the important factors that keep us together. It motivates me to strive for that.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I will be glad to answer them, because the work of our committee is very diverse and it is hard to explain it all in a few sentences.

Kirsten Broekema (Content Manager of the SUCT & trainer of the SUPS)

Hi everyone! My name is Kirsten and during the year 2020-2021 I am the Content Manager for the SUCT (Summer University Coordination Team) and part of the SUPS (Summer University Project School). The SUCT oversees all the Summer Universities organised by every AEGEE-local in the network. We check the programmes, budgets and the planning in general to make sure that the participants will experience the best SUmmer of their lives. The SUPS is focused on providing the organisers of the Summer Universities useful information and best practices on how to organise SUs. Usually two events are organised during the year during which workshops and trainings are given on various organisational areas of Summer Universities.Members Active at the European Level

After being active on the local level by being part of the Summer University Committee of AEGEE-Groningen for three years (yes three years, there is a theme here), I was intrigued by the project and the European level of AEGEE. During my first three years of being a member of AEGEE-Groningen, becoming active in AEGEE-Europe always sounded like a big step and a bit scary. But I experienced that it is actually really easy, and once you are active you hear more about all the different opportunities to gain experience working in an international environment and for self-development that the network provides. So don’t be afraid to discover AEGEE-Europe, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me or our amazing European Affairs Director, Aleksandra!

Arjan Tilstra (Subcommissioner of the Audit Commission)

Hello! My name is Arjan and for the year 2020-2021 I will be a subcommissioner for the Audit Commission of AEGEE-Europe. The Audit Commission assists the Comité Directeur and the many different AEGEE-locals in matters regarding finance, such as creating budgets and reporting results.

membera Active at the EU level

Our team currently consists of one elected commissioner and five subcommmissioners. During my work, I am responsible for the locals within the Mountain’t Network Area and the Rainbow Network Area, excluding

AEGEE-Groningen. If any of these locals have questions regarding financial matters, they can come to me!

The work of the Audit Commission is most visible during the Agora, when we provide the network with a voting recommendation on the CD’s budget and financial reports. Through the work of the Audit Commission, the entire network can benefit from specialist knowledge and a trained financial eye!

If you have any more questions about this position, feel free to approach me!

Arend-Jan Tissing (Subcommissioner of the Network Commission)

Hey everyone! My name is Arend-Jan and from July 2020 until June 2021, I am a member of the Network Commission of AEGEE-Europe (NetCom).members active at the EU level

So what does NetCom do? We mainly support all locals in our network. Every NetCommie is responsible for one area, my area is the Mountain’t Area. This area consists of a number of Dutch, German and Russian locals, including AEGEE-Groningen. My task is, with the help of my SubCommies, to help them whenever needed and to check whether they are doing fine. Also, we check whether they satisfy all requirements set by AEGEE-Europe.

The reason I really like being in NetCom, is that I have close contact with members all over the network. The tasks can vary a lot, as it can range from helping European bodies contact locals, make new plans for locals, to even founding new ones.

If you have any questions about what NetCom does, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to answer them!



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