Mental Health

Mental Health Resource Package

As a student, you may encounter some problems that you would like to get help with. For example, you may suffer from study stress, perfectionism or fear of failure. Furthermore, you may feel lonely or depressed, because of the new city you live in and the fact that you have to make new friends. At these times that you are not feeling well and you do not know how to change that, it can be nice to get some help. In the file below you can find an overview of organizations that can help you in different ways. This reaches from just a listening ear and some self-help courses to information about professional psychologists. Furthermore, you can find some background information and tips on how to deal with different mental health issues Would you like to receive help, but are you not sure where to go? Take a look at the document and see what suits you and your situation best.

You can find the Mental Health Resource Package here.


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