Ice skating with the FitCie! A tradition was born

This year the FitCie organised an ice skating event for the third year in a row. This means that this event can now officially be called a tradition! The event took place in Kardinge and was attended by 25 ice skating enthusiasts and some people who were there for the ‘gezelligheid’. Most of the BataCie from Leiden also joined us. Since we will be teaming up for the Batavierenrace with them this year, under the team name AEGEE-Gleiden.

Everyone had a lot of fun on the ice. Fortunately, no major incidents occurred during the ice skating. Some people only suffered some small injuries. There did occur 1 incident, however, off the ice. A first years at AEGEE locked himself into a changing room. It took about 10 minutes before he was rescued by our sexytary. After the ice skating, we went to the sports bar to drink some hot cocoa and/or beer. Looking back, we can say that it was a great success, see you all again next year!


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