Ready, set, go … the Batavierenrace

The Batavierenrace, one of the most fascinating running events which I’ve ever seen. I had a goal when I signed up for this race: I would like to run 10,5 kilometres below 45 minutes. This was doable since I sometimes ran 5 kilometres in 20 minutes. However, I did not know If I had the capacity to run it within that time span. Just like almost every AEGEEan, I began … Read more

Meet the playful AcCie

Don’t look away! You have just stumbled across the lost ancient ruins of the AcCie of AEGEE-Groningen. These texts describe the famous adventures of Danielle, Djené, Shenza, Sam, Kieran and their leader Laura. Be forewarned though, fair traveler, that these texts are secret. Do not share the contents of these texts with anyone, or you will be cursed. To this day, only one text has been created that describes the … Read more

Batavierenrace 2018 – AEGEE-Groningen Edition

For the ones who do not know me yet, let me first introduce myself. I am Roger, 26, master Psychology and I joined AEGEE-Groningen in February. Since I am running for a couple of years now, when I heard AEGEE-Groningen wanted to participate in the Batavierenrace, I couldn’t say no to signing up for the team. The Batavierenrace is known for being the biggest running competition for students in which … Read more


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