Here you have our hardworking, hilarious and happy Hitchhiking humans

Hee AEGEE-friends!

This is us: dressed up in our bright green vests, easy to be recognized at some gas station on the German highway. Organizing AEGEE-Groningen’s notorious hitchhiking competitions is an honourable task, even though it does not always go as planned. Do you remember our hitchhike to Leipzig when only three couples arrived in one day? At the moment corona tears us apart, however, it is time to introduce ourselves in the following article!

Being part of the Liftcie is nothing new on the horizon for our President Lars. As Secretary of Liftcie Appelman (2018-2019) he got to know all the ins-and-outs of this committee. Rumours say he is stuck in the Liftcie forever as if it was ‘Groundhog Day’. Within the Liftcie, Lars likes to take initiative and to take care of his fellow members. Furthermore, Lars is a man full of stories: did he ever tell you he went hitchhiking with Zenthe to Ukraine? He probably did…

Second is our schöne Sekretärin Verena, whoseDutch is tremendously good! We can even have meetings in Dutch as she understands everything! (even our gossip?) Verena is the musical talent of the committee as she performs in an orchestra playing the violin. This brave girl lived in Armenia and hitchhiked around too, a perfect addition to the Liftcie!

Up next is our Treasurer Astrid! She might not be able to reach Lars’s coat rack, but she certainly reaches for the sky. Last year she embarked on the adventure of studying in Hong Kong for several months. Due to the unfortunate event of heavy protests, she had to flee her burning university (literally). How lucky she was to find us! Astrid already joined two hitchhiking competitions and has therefore quite some experience!

Then we have Tijmen, the Liftcie’s PR-Responsible and hater of long meetings. Just like Astrid, Tijmen was added only recently to the Liftcie as he studied in Canada for six months. Despite his crashes, biking around through the city of Montreal was his favourite activity. It might be hard to believe, but Tijmen never hitchhiked before, which makes him the hitchhike-baby of the committee. Let’s hope he gets the chance to hitchhike with us this June.

Last but not least is our General Member Zenthe who prefers to be called ‘Lift King’ in this article, how modest! He might look like a tough man from the outside, but we all know that there is a crazy, little boy inside. Don’t be misled by the modest title of General Member, because Zenthe is definitely the most skilled of us all as he hitchhiked thousands of kilometres through the United States.

We hope you enjoyed reading about who we are and we are eager to see you back at our hitchhiking competition. Unfortunately, our trip to the Hanseatic city of Rostock is cancelled, but we promise the next one will be a marvellous adventure – if it may ever happen… (*insert cliff hanger*)

Stay healthy! Thumbs up!


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