Presenting the Promotion People of AEGEE-Groningen

Do you remember last year’s Merchandise Social Drink? Bought some awesome merch? Well, that was the work of the PR-Cie. In case this did not ring a bell – keep reading! This year the PR-Cie consists of four enthusiastic and beautiful ladies. Originally, we started with five, but Moa decided to exchange the cold and rainy Netherlands for even colder and rainier Sweden. It’s okay, we still think you are … Read more

Find out the quarantine routines of your fellow AEGEEans

Want to know what our members are up to during this quarantine period? Lucky for you, The Editorial Team decided to interview some about their daily quarantine routines: Jamie: “Up until a while ago I had a few exams, so beforehand my routine consisted mostly of just studying and taking quick breaks. However, now that I have more time I like to start my day with a nice cup of … Read more

Meet the Fantastic Four a.k.a. the Advisory Board!

The Advisory Board, the Fantastic Four of the Marvel Universe if the Fantastic four were ridden with crippling student debt, overwhelming pressure to perform well in a very competitive jobs market and some severely damaged liver. It is time to meet the members who provide the board of AEGEE-Groningen with advice, guidance and support during their board year. First up is The Lizzinator, The Annalyzer, Anneeeelieeeeeeeees! Annelies is someone who … Read more

Here you have our hardworking, hilarious and happy Hitchhiking humans

Hee AEGEE-friends! This is us: dressed up in our bright green vests, easy to be recognized at some gas station on the German highway. Organizing AEGEE-Groningen’s notorious hitchhiking competitions is an honourable task, even though it does not always go as planned. Do you remember our hitchhike to Leipzig when only three couples arrived in one day? At the moment corona tears us apart, however, it is time to introduce … Read more

Lack of Action? Here is the AcCie!

Hello dear AEGEEans!  It is time to introduce this year’s AcCie: First, I would like to introduce to you our Marieke. At first she was known as the General Member of the committee, our flying keep, the ‘manusje van alles’,  but after a little while she was ready for more. Therefore, she was promoted to FR-Responsible: one of the most important functions in our committee. A few meetings with Margriet … Read more


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