Find out the quarantine routines of your fellow AEGEEans

Want to know what our members are up to during this quarantine period? Lucky for you, The Editorial Team decided to interview some about their daily quarantine routines:

Jamie: “Up until a while ago I had a few exams, so beforehand my routine consisted mostly of just studying and taking quick breaks. However, now that I have more time I like to start my day with a nice cup of tea. Furthermore I would like to take a long walk everyday to get some fresh air, read a couple of chapters from a nice book and play some board games from WirWar. Lastly, I would like to pick up my working on my photobook of my travels.”

Neepan: “I am mainly busy with delaying work and spending a lot of time with family. In addition, also with new board and card games search, buy and play;)”

Tamara: “Currently I am busy learning for exams and finishing deadlines. In the meantime, I also contribute to the social control in the neighbourhood (read: observing the neighbours), I like to walk outside and I am still looking for the perfect puzzle – suggestions are welcome!”

Roger: “Due to the fact he works in the healthcare of mentally challenged people, his routine became more all over the place since he has much more different things to do and experience, mainly online. Like organizing and attending HRC workshops.”

Demetra: “Routine. One word, many definitions. The definition which we are more commonly referring to is “a usual or fixed way of doing things”. Routine is also an umbrella term for many different types of routine. Morning routine, night routine, studying routine, quarantine routine. Perfectionism and high demand of productivity has led to an increasing trend of needing routines to get a lot of sh*t done! That being said when the pandemic began routines became people’s one and only God; the last resort of having control over total chaos. That is when my routine journey began. I was the last one to enter the game but now I am here, and here to stay. This is what the final form of my routine looks like: Wake up at 6:00 (oh yeah). Stay in bed until 11:00 and read a book or/and chill with my phone. Then I go for a half-hour run. I return home, have breakfast and set my study-duties schedule. I organize per hour and always take a ten minute break in between each hour. At some point I will make lunch at around 4 pm and chat with friends, video call. I will try and continue with my schedule but I’m often destructed with things that interest me. I say “I will only search this one thing for ten minutes”. Three hours later I catch myself watching thirty minute videos about sustainable tree-houses in New Zealand. Other than that I try and get as many things done as possible. At around 9 pm it is time for a Netflix movie or series. I feel proud for getting things done, eating clean and working out but then I usually run to the supermarket and get a ben and jerry’s ice cream. I never had OCD, but right now I am OCDing over trying all the flavors. I also like to end my day with feelings of hopelessness and despair, while reading existentialist philosophers. Love my routine!”

Wietske: ‘’Everything is so different in these corona times. I am absolutely not a morning person and a true champion in sleeping through the alarm. Why would you get up if nothing is scheduled at fixed times? I have my alarm around 9.30 AM every day, which is normally around 06:15 AM. I often doze while enjoying the radio for a few more hours. Because my internships have been postponed, I don’t have any obligations. It’s quite nice, but also I know myself and I am not a productive person sitting all day in pajamas. It does not make me a nicer person. In addition, my boyfriend can continue working at home and so I find stuff to do on my own. That’s why I set up an entire system to get through this quarantine. At the beginning of the week I make a list with all kinds of chores. It contains chores and other things that have to be done (study a subject, wash windows, wash sofa covers, pick out junk boxes, hang paintings, etc. etc). Well I must say that the list of week 4 contains more and more tasks just to keep myself busy than really useful chores, but okay. Every day I make a list again for the next day. It contains things from the job list, but also things like reading, exercising or baking. By working with these lists I still feel satisfied at the end of the day. I do wonder how long I have to keep doing this. I wrote some applications so I hope I can find a medical job soon. Of course I also fill the evenings with Skype, TV, Netflix, but there is another danger in that: watching an extra episode is very tempting if you don’t have to get up early….’’

Margriet: ‘’My daily routine starts at around 8 or half past 8. After I wake up quietly I start to exercise. I start with administrative tasks: answering mails or organising a meeting with board members or with the ‘Nedertop’-besturen. If I don’t have something to do, I study a little Italian on Duolingo (very subliminal advertising) If I have not been outside during sports, I will walk around the block and do some shopping. In the evening I FaceTime with some friends (from abroad).’’

Daphne: ‘’First I get up and then I take a shower. During the day I will stare at my thesis for a couple of hours. Mostly between 3 and 7 hours. If I am in the mood for it, I go for a nice run. In the evening I cook my food and more importantly, I eat it. It’s very pleasant to spend an evening laying down on the sofa before going to bed’’.

Kirsten B: ‘’Thankfully university classes and my part-time job still continue. But next to those, and obviously my very busy Netflix schedule, I finally found time for my more ‘neglected’ hobbies. For example to read the books I have collected during the last couple of years or to actually play some of the games that have been sitting idle in my steam library for… quite some while. But also to reconnect with some old friends by playing online games and escape rooms, or testing our knowledge of each other with Kahoot quizzes!‘’

Oliver Horstmann: starting the day around 7, some exercise at home or outside, studying from 8 on, lunch, another exercise (walking/biking), studying, dinner, a last exercise at home, a bit of studying depending on what I have left for the day, time for myself as in watching a movie/series, practicing some languages, playing music, reading, maybe meeting/calling/chatting with friends… Some chores here and there, depending on the day or what ought to be done… Not very exciting with everything basically closed.”

So, what about your daily routines? You can share yours with an e-mail to, or maybe even with some new article ideas, wow.



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