Presenting the Promotion People of AEGEE-Groningen

Do you remember last year’s Merchandise Social Drink? Bought some awesome merch? Well, that was the work of the PR-Cie. In case this did not ring a bell – keep reading!

This year the PR-Cie consists of four enthusiastic and beautiful ladies. Originally, we started with five, but Moa decided to exchange the cold and rainy Netherlands for even colder and rainier Sweden. It’s okay, we still think you are amazing. Especially, your modelling and catwalk skills – they are missed, just like your Swedish hygge.

From Moa it is not a big step to Marta. Only name-wise, because Marta comes from a country where the sun always shines, something that doesn’t hold for Sweden unfortunately (but no worries, Sweden has ABBA). Unsurprisingly, Marta likes to travel to sunny destinations. In the past two months, she visited her hometown Lisbon and the EPM in Barcelona. Since she joined AEGEE last October, she has been more active on the European level than some of us will ever be – you go girl! In-between travelling, Marta is responsible for all the PR related to our PR-activities. And oh yeah, this busy girl is in the final phase of her bachelor Medicine.

Speaking of PR, our Treasurer Nivé already had some experience with promoting AEGEE before she joined our committee. As the chairwoman of last year’s KEI-committee she knows how to ignite others with her enthusiasm about AEGEE – and about possible new hair colours. I think the colour blue looks fab, but we are already curious what the next colour will be. Besides taking care of her hair, she likes to give her plants loving attention. As far as we know, she managed to keep not one but five plants alive so far. Currently, this colourful person has a gap year during which she works as a waitress at a Japanese restaurant.

In quarantine-absent times our Dacil works also in a restaurant, but she immerses herself in the Balkan cuisine. Next to that, she is slowly discovering the Dutch cuisine and so far bitterballen are her favourite. Dacil is the Secretary of our committee and she is passionate about keeping track of our mailbox and taking minutes. In her free time, this cheerful girl likes to express her creativity. She does so in various ways: decorating her entire room with Christmas lights, drawing all kinds of animals and – as we discovered during our online meeting – one of her favourite quarantine activities is puzzling.

Lastly, it’s the turn of the chairwoman of the committee, Tamara. Next to AEGEE-stuff, this girl is busy with her master Socio-Spatial Planning, which she hopes to complete within a year from now on. In her free time she likes to go to the cinema, visit thrift shops and till recently she rediscovered the fun of joining gym classes and running in the park. One day, she hopes to be the proud owner of a large collection of plants and vinyl records. Last but definitely not least, this girl feels honoured to work together with the aforementioned three (and first four!) enthusiastic and unique girls!

As you might have guessed, we as the PR-committee are responsible for organizing promotion activities. On the one hand, these are internal activities such as promoting and designing new merchandise! On the other hand, we like to bring our beautiful association to the attention of (new) students by organizing external activities. Sometimes we do so by standing in front of the university buildings. Fun fact: we did so last January. Also, we aim to organize a cheap traveling workshop, but in these uncertain times with the coronavirus going on nothing goes as planned. Luckily, litres of tea and an internet connection get us through quarantine. Our main message to the rest of AEGEE-Groningen is: let’s stay connected – while keeping in mind a distance of > 1.5 metres, of course.


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