Meet the most sportive committee among us

The Batavieren committee is a group of very sporty, athletic and fun-loving people. Our goal this year is to motivate the AEGEEans of Groningen to become just as sporty and have the time of their lives while participating in the 48th annual Batavierenrace. We know that we have limited possibilities of winning the race as there are a lot of sport associations and people who are more prepared about running this year At the same time we have decided that we would like to set a personal goal of beating AEGEE Enschede and becoming faster than… a tortoise (which should be easy enough, I think). Moreover, we would like to ensure that every member of our running team is able to remember an experience like this, fondly for years to come!

But first let us introduce ourselves! Who are the people of Batacie? Well, this year’s committee consists of our lovely chairwoman Ann, a big fan of hedgehogs and cassava chips, has a nice collection of teas and is the type of person who always gets along with everyone. She has the ability to find the positive in everything and take things in stride. She is also the one who introduced us to the active wear video (it’s a music video with people in activewear living their best lives so I suggest you go see it, if you still haven’t). The active wear video is also a running joke in our group, and we like to remind each other of its existence in our WhatsApp chat from time to time.

Next, is our treasurer Lena, who is one of the most hard-working and dedicated students I have met so far. I am sure that this will translate into our final financial report as I would not expect anything less from her. She is also our very own language guru since she speaks five languages and is always up to discussing linguistic differences among our small international group of people.

Our PR person, Mateusz, is the creative brain behind our marketing ideas. But he is not limited to that.. Thanks to him we now have the best t-shirts imaginable (you’ll have the chance to see them for yourself during our training sessions so be sure to come and check them out). We also now knowwhat it’s like to work as an actor in a commercial. He is known for his great although interesting sense of humor, which I will admit I don’t always get, but it makes for entertaining committee meetings and lots of laughter (or maybe not so much laughter).

Last but not least, there is me – Anna. I am the secretary of our committee and supposedly I am doing a good job (at least that’s what I’ve been told). Don’t be fooled though, I am not the most punctual of secretaries and have been known to do everything at the last minute. This Almanak piece is an example of that. However, I think that I do contribute to our little group somehow in the end. If not with my genius secretarial skills, then with my abundance of ideas and opinions (be it good or bad).

So that’s us – the Batavieren committee. Now that you’ve had the chance to get to know us a little better, we hope you will give us a chance to get to know you by joining us during one of our training sessions or the Batavierenrace itself. Hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,

Batacie 2019/2020


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