Introducing… The Europe Committee members!

Go Europa! By your powers combined, we are the Europa Committee! 

We are a committee all about pan-European integration and the things that unite all of us from around the world. To that end, we have gathered together a fabulous group of buddies from all over, who are as different as they are lovable. Second only to our passion for our Europa events, we are also united by our passion for pizza from Dominos, Pizza Delivery ExpertsTM! (Hey Dominos if you’re reading this, we’d love a sponsorship!) So without further ado, let’s meet our fabulous committee members! 

First up is Ewout, our fearless leader, and the “Pizza Forestiere” of the team. What is a pizza forestiere you ask? I don’t know! In fact, no one knows, but it’s Provocative! It gets the people going! Renowned for his Creme Fraiche in the pub, Ham and Mushrooms in the club personality, Ewout keeps us on task and is always willing to step up to the challenge and crack the whip on the rest of us. Without his management, I would probably never get anything done. Ewout is also known for his pancake flipping abilities and his tasteful style of interior decorating. When not involved in planning events or flipping pancakes, he also enjoys football, classic rock music and traveling. 

Our next pizza pal is Matilde, the “Margarita” of the group, and one of the two Italians who had to sell their soul to Dominos for this committee. Like her pizza, Matilde is a classic personality that once you meet her, you can’t get enough of her. She’s our treasurer and so she has to reign the rest of us in from our craziest impossibly expensive event ideas. No easy task, let me tell you. Matilde loves to joke with the rest of the crew but is always there to contribute serious suggestions as well. She’s also the friend you always want near when you tell a joke, since she’s got the most contagious laugh around. When she’s not counting up coins Matilde likes to play tennis and listen to music, especially oldies, soul and funk. 

Thirdly we have Eleonora, our second soul-selling Italian, and the one we consider the “‘Perfect’ Pepperoni”. Far from being just a regular slice of pepperoni pizza, Eleonora is peak pepperoni perfection. You heard it here first ladies and gents, pepperoni doesn’t get any better than this. In our committee Eleonora is adored for her wit and charm, and comically bad luck with bike theft. Always use two locks readers! Eleonora always has an interesting story to share and she’s a naturally gifted storyteller, so that you’ll be hanging on every word. When she’s not being perfect, just kidding, she’s always perfect, she can be found dancing, listening to music of the 70s and 80s, or traveling. 

Elegant, dependable, invaluable. These are all words that are equally applicable to Floor, and to her pizza, the Caprese. Floor is our secretary and works tirelessly to record our minutes and discussions accurately, so that I can open them on my phone in the next week’s meeting when I forgot something. As secretary, Floor is the memory of our committee and without her organization I don’t know what we’d do. Although she may seem quiet at first, Floor is also an engaging conversationalist with a calm sense of irreverent humor. When she’s not frantically typing down my digressions in meetings, she keeps herself occupied with playing the piano, listening to music, or watching netflix. If anyone deserves some time to unwind over series, it’s you. Enjoy that netflix, Floor! 

Andrea may be “Gluten Free Pepperoni”, but she’s certainly not free-schedule Pepperoni! Not only does she serve as our public relations manager (no easy task!), but she also keeps herself very occupied by being involved with other associations and committees. Under normal circumstances we might consider this cheating on us, but because it’s her we let it slide. Andrea is very knowledgeable and well-versed in many subject areas, and has a knack for making connections and insightful comments which help us further to be the best committee we can be. When she’s not busy doing some CV building extracurricular, almost never, she also enjoys reading, writing, and cocktail making. 

Last but definitely not least, we have Wyatt, the “Hot and Spicy” pizza! Considering I already chose to describe myself as hot and spicy, anything else I say in this box would just come off as bragging, but I guess I’ll give it a shot anyway! Wyatt is the kind of guy who always does his best when contributing to club activities, and tries to bring enthusiasm and adventure to every event he attends. Wyatt usually always has something to say, and sometimes it’s even funny or insightful as well. What a bonus! When he’s not comparing his committee buddies to pizzas, Wyatt enjoys playing board games, traveling, drinking beer, reading, and finding new places to go out to eat. 


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