Franck Biancheri Award – Representation needs Participation: European Elections

From the 13th of April till the 15th of April the Franck Biancheri Award Conference: ‘’Representation Needs Participation – European elections’’ will take place in Salerno. But I already hear some of you AEGEEans thinking: ‘Who is Franck Biancheri?’ and ‘What is this Award Conference about?’. Let’s give you the answers to these questions in this article!

    First of all, if you don’t know who Franck Biancheri is, you’re probably a newbee to AEGEE: Franck is the founder of AEGEE-Europe. Under his presidency AEGEE-Europe played a key role in the adoption of the ERASMUS programme. Franck learned that citizens were instrumental in the success of the European construction. This was the inspiration for the the topic of the 2018′ award : “The role played by students and citizens in European modern history…“. Franck Biancheri spent the rest of his life advocating the need to democratize European decision-making processes and general functioning. Unfortunately he passed away in 2012 at the early age of 51, too young to see his dream come true. *

The Assocation des amis de Franck Biancheri (AAFB) launched in January 2014 the first “FRANCK BIANCHERI YEAR’ along with AEGEE-Europe. This project is a key-component of the strategy of the AAFB in favour of the perpetuation of Franck’s work. In 2016, the name changed from « Franck Biancheri Year » to « FRANCK BIANCHERI AWARD» showing how much the deep desire of the AAFB to launch a sustainable project in close relation with AEGEE and to keep working on the democratization of European decision-making processes (as advocated by Franck) remains unchanged. **

 And last but no least I’ll will tell you what you can expect from this conference. The conference is organised by AEGEE-Salerno in collaboration with the CEWG and of course supported by the Association des Amis de Franck Biancheri. For three days the participants of this conference will have the chance to learn about different kinds of electoral systems in Europe, reflect about their advantages and disadvantages aided by qualified experts and through interactive sessions. The focus will be on pan-European party elections as an alternative to the current system. This year the proposal to introduce pan-European parties at European elections was made by Emmanuel Macron, the French president. Could this be a way to make the European elections more interesting and even more relevant for citizens? And how should it be done exactly? You can apply for here this conference until the 11th on February: to find out! The hostel, three meals a day, interactive workshops, the warm South Italian sun and much more is included in the fee. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the organisers via*** Or ask all your basic questions about AEGEE-Events to the European Affairs Director of AEGEE-Groningen: Neepan!

You can find the promotion video of the event here:








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