Christmas lights in Budapest

At this moment I am an Erasmus student in Poland. For me that means the perfect place to live when it comes to traveling. I live really central in Europe and the public transport has amazing prices. Three weeks before this NWM I attended to the NWM in Zielona Gora, Poland. I had such a great time there that I wanted this experience immediately again. So I applied to NWM Budapest… I knew it was almost impossible to get accepted as they only accept 25 participant and I am not even living in the region. BUT I got accepted!

So I went with the night train to Budapest. The organizers made an app so I already knew about the schedule. When I arrived at the hostel I still had a lot of time until the opening ceremony. So we went with a group to explore the amazing city. The first friends were made and we already fell in love with the city.

Christmas lights in Budapest 01

We were ready for the event to start. For the opening ceremony we walked to a building of the university. Actually we had the possibility to always walk to the locations of the events. The hostel, the place for lunch and dinner, the party area and the place were the sessions took place were all really close to each other.

The NWM in Poland three weeks earlier was big. They had 150 participants. So for me this NWM was a whole new experience. The participants were always on time, everyone got up in the morning and we left the parties together at 2 or 3 am in the morning. Also we had most of the sessions with the whole group together. In Poland we were always split up in smaller groups and you could choose the session you would like to attend to.

Christmas lights in Budapest 02

The sessions in Budapest were given by really experienced AEGEEans and I learned a lot of new things from them. I especially liked the open session. Here I learned about all of the European Bodies and how I can get involved. At 6 December in the morning Santa Clause came to wake us up with presents. The members of AEGEE Budapest were really attentive and tried to make this weekend as perfect for us as they can.

The last night we, of course, had a European Night. As we were with 15 different nationalities you can imagine that it was a crazy night. I tried burning Mozardkugeln from Vienna and Palenka from Hungary. The last day we went to the christmas market. Budapest is a beautiful city especially around christmas. That day I even had time to go to a traditional Hungarian bath. Such a lovely interieur and a great thing to do after such an exhausting 4 days.

Christmas lights in Budapest 03

So looking back at this event I can say that I met a lot of amazing people from all over Europe and shared great experiences with them and  AEGEE-Budapest did a great job with the organization. I hope I will see them all again somewhere in Europe!

All of you should apply to a NWM because it is a great opportunity and you will understand AEGEE in a better and deeper way and of course you will travel to a new city and make lots of new friends.


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