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I hope that most of you can still remember me. I am Mark but a lot of people approach me using my last name Pasma. It has been a while since I became active. I signed up during a ‘bring your friend’ social in February 2015. It happened in the ‘Ome Ko’, the same bar but now called ‘De Brouwerij’. The place has not changed much. The music is still the same, the shots are still the same. The only thing that is different now is the beer price. Good old times with one-euro beers ?

Traveling was my passion, but did not realise that back then. I only traveled to two countries back then. That escalated when I joined AEGEE. AEGEE promoted traveling and exploring cultures and I never stopped discovering new places ever since (only COVID stopped me for a year). AEGEE helped me realise how small Europe is and how easy it is to travel around.

This year I will turn 29 and it took me a second to realise this. I learned a lot in the many committees I have joined. Worked with all kinds of people and participated in many European events. I really loved the Summer University, but also the many Network Meetings I participated in. Also loved the Nedertop parties, since it is a very easy way to get in touch with other locals nearby. My board year was one of the most fun years of my life. Indeed it was extremely busy, but I would not be the same person without it. All these years were amazing, but I am slowly putting my focus on my work life and I am not that much in de Brouwerij as I used to be.


How does Cedric’s sangría live up to yours?
Dear sangría-drinker. His sangría still takes years and years and many European Nights to develop.

Is Agora Enschede really your last one? – Johan
Dear Johan, it’s about time that this is my last one. I’m getting old. Since Agora Kyiv in 2015 I only skipped two physical Agoras or Agorae if you would call it like that. I really love it and it’s a unique event every AEGEE member should have visit at least once (or nine times for me). However, I’m not the youngest anymore, and my recovery time is much longer as it used to be.

Mark, I admire you and only hope to follow in your steps. Can you tell me what I should include in my 5-year plan to be more like you? ?
Cédric, is this you? I only can recommend that travel as much as you can, go on AEGEE events like the Agora and SU are amazing. Build a network full of AEGEEans, but also, enjoy it! You never know how the future would be. Even if you have a delay with your studies, it is definitely not the worst. Changing your studies three times? It is fine as long as you enjoy what you do. Can you imagine doing boring work for 40 years? Me neither. Find out what you love to do. You never know, maybe you will end up like me a lovely full-time job because of my AEGEE experience. Lastly, do not forget that You can resit exams, but not the parties.

Who was the relic of AEGEE-Groningen in your first year?
We had many old members who still joined activities, especially the General Members Assembly. We had many old members who were even older than I am now and it was more common to stay student for a longer time #langstuderen. I participated in Summer Event of AEGEE-Valletta and that was my first European events, but for an old board member of AEGEE-Groningen, it was one of her last European events. It was a very nice way to hear all of these amazing stories she got to experience and I learned so much about AEGEE.

What is your drunkest and/or most unhinged AEGEE story – Niek
Dear Niek, I think I have a couple of stories that might be interesting, but I remember the European night at the previous mentioned Summer Event. I did not fully understand the idea of a European Night, so once upon I time I discovered the magical world of a European Night. It was an amazing way to discover all different kinds of cultures. However, some cultures have more interesting things to offer than others. I did not realise that a Grandmother’s home made Hungarian Palinka should be a red flag. I did not realise Hungarians have different perspective on the size of shots. Let’s say the only thing I remember was drinking sangría from a pan with Spanish people in the swimming pool.

Dear Markie, I read and followed your sangria recipe in the previous lustrum yearbook with great care over the last years. However, it has done its damages over the years… So now I am wondering if there is an alternative to adding the powdered sugar??? I have heard vodka is a great one! but do you maybe have a recipe for a sangria-light? Keep up the good work!!!! – Sangrialover8810
Dear Sangrialover8810, I am happy that you like sangría. That is muy importante. So far, my Spanish is limited, but indeed You can replace the powdered sugar with more vodka. You could also add more fruits to the sangrìa to create a fresh and healthy fruit juice that you may drink all year round. Especially if you add more vodka, the fruits become even more delicious.”.

Help Mark! The world is changing too fast! How was it in your time? – Future Fossil
Dear Future Fossil, I still remember a time without internet. I know I am old, but maybe when you become an old AEGEE member, new AEGEEans will find something to ask you… like how was the pandemic? Or how was it to buy cheap beers? Anyways, my recommendation is something extraordinary. Something you have never heard of before: sometimes you need to turn off your phone and explore life as life it is. Life is not better on the internet and even if are not flying, you can use the flight modus on your phone to slow down the information explosion you have in your daily life.


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