Mooo-ving up to the summer! Meet the SUcie of 2020

Hello AEGEEans, my name is Suzy the Cow and I am the mascot (and host) of the Summer University Committee of Groningen in 2020! Corona cannot hold us back, especially me since I’m a stuffed animal. Unfortunately, the Summer University project is cancelled for this year… HOWEVER we are still planning a fun members day in the summer, so stay tuned!

Meet my team!

Thank god I am not the only one organising this event. I have seven amazing people taking care of the members day and myself. Let’s see who they are. First, there is the Big Boss Kirsten. Although she is the only Kirsten this year, she will lead this group (after two years) in the right direction. Next, there is (the)? Sam. He is the money man, who makes sure the numbers are right. Also, he can make a delicious curry, which is nice. For the PR, we have Romy, our walking billboard. She makes sure I am known all over Europe?. Since our parties can be expensive, we need someone who can get money, which is the role of Rob. I don’t know how he does it, probably by confusing the bar owners with topography stuff, but it works. Jeske is our incoming responsible, but I think she is more busy with telling Rob to be quiet and reading me bedtime stories. Anyway, I think she is nice to have around. Lastly we have Niek. Yeah, he is just the general member of this committee, but I assure you his function is not redundant! That was all the members I think… Oh no wait! I forgot one! We also have our secretary (or just human typewriter) Dagmar, but I cannot really tell much about her, since she is gone half the time for lectures.

Members Day

No plans for the summer? Dying to finally see the other AEGEEans from Groningen? Come join the members day on the 17th of July! During that day we will discover new parts of Groningen with some fun games and after we will enjoy one of the AEGEE-Groningen’s favourite meals. More details will be posted soon!


On behalf of the SU-Committee,



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