Show Your Colour – AEGEE-Leiden

Op: 19-10-2018
Start om: 21:30 uur
Locatie: Langegracht 65, 2312 NW Leiden, Nederland

Georganiseerd door: Board

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Hi fellow AEGEEans!

The 19th of October AEGEE-Leiden will host the famous “Show Your Colour” party once more! We’ve assigned each local a (food-themed) colour so from 21.30h onwards you are all welcome to join us in De Kroon to come and Show Your Colour.

So you wanna come and have a party with AEGEEans, get to know the Nedertoppers and show off your local? Come and join!

The locals and their colours:

AEGEE-Leiden: cucumber-green
AEGEE-Leiden-Zuid: pancake-brown
AEGEE-Groningen: “eierbal”yellow
AEGEE-Nijmegen: shrimp-pink
AEGEE-Utrecht: “drop”black
AEGEE-Amsterdam: beerfoam-white
AEGEE-Enschede: fish-grey
AEGEE-Tilburg: red onion-purple
AEGEE-Eindhoven: carrot-orange
AEGEE-Maastricht: blueberry-blue
AEGEE-Stuttgart: farfalle beige
AEGEE-Kaiserslautern: tagliattelle beige
AEGEE-Karlsruhe: macaroni beige
AEGEE-Darmstadt: penne beige
AEGEE-Frankfurt: spaghetti beige
AEGEE-Heidelberg: fussili beige
AEGEE-Mannheim: tortellini beige

NetCom: “smurfenijs” blauw

Other: cherry-red

Hope to see you in Leiden ♥

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