Hop Hop Hop Borrelhop in Galop: Enschede comes to visit!

Van: 01-05-2019 t/m 02-05-2019
Start om: 22:00 uur

Georganiseerd door: Board

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Another week, another AEGEE-local visiting us.
This time…..drum roll…..it will be the prominent people of the ”beautiful” city of Enschede. Happy to escape their less awesome city, they will come visit our Social Drink on May 1st.

The following day, we will have the chance to visit AEGEE-Enschede, discover their city, having dinner with them and party at one of their Social Drinks (at their own society building!).

During the social on May 1, we will also announce the destination of the third excursion! (OMG SOOO EXCITING!!)

Niet alle activiteiten zijn open voor niet-leden, wil je je ergens voor opgeven of meer informatie neem dan vooral contact met ons op via deze pagina of mail naar board@aegee-groningen.nl


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