NWM Praha: Czech the Wild East

👉 Are you ready to get a sense of East wildness, broaden your knowledge and also meet other motivated AEGEEans? 🔥 If yes, then your next stop is Prague on 3rd of November🔥 Network Commission along with Wild East and AEGEE-Praha cordially invite you to be one of the 25 motivated participants of our Network Meeting. During our sessions, you will learn more about the future of our organization, the … Read more

Online Autumn Agora 2022

This Agora will take place between 12.10.2022 and 15.10.2022. The application opens on 12.07.2022 and will close on 12.08.2022. Local boards have until 17.08.2022 to approve the applications of their members and assign a participant type. If you have any questions about the event or about the application itself, please contact the Chair Team at chair@aegee.eu

Run AEGEEan Run Vol. V

Built in 1973, the first connection between Asia & Europe by land, where 185.000 cars pass by per day, the Bosphorus Bridge has always charmed us. Moreover, when the day of the year comes, there are only people, running freely on the Bridge! Do you dare to skip this day and move on your life without this unique experience? Well, I don’t think so, my friend! Do you even dare … Read more

Renove Madrolid

Have you just been in a Summer University and already thinking about the next AEGEE event? Would you like to participate in an AEGEE experience after the summer to meet other members of our association? If the answer is yes… RENOVE Madrolid IS YOUR EVENT! After three sad years without this amazing event, AEGEE-Madrid, AEGEE-Valladolid and an amazing content team are bringing back the magic 🪄🚀 It is a full … Read more


CARNIVAL IN PARADISE: RESURRECTION Can you hear that?🗣️ Can you hear the energy of all the people? 🙌🏻Can you hear the dance steps between the waves of the beaches?🎵🌊 There is something that resurfaces from the glitter…. 🥳 Carnival In Paradise: Resurrection with AEGEE – Las Palmas is coming! AEGEE – Las Palmas brings you the opportunity to enjoy one of the best Carnivals in the world🎉. But it is … Read more


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