COP Simulation AEGEE-İzmir: Will you Beat the Mediterranean Climate?!

Did you follow the COP26 negotiations in Sharm-el-Sheikh! ? At this COP simulation, you will have sessions on topics such as: Climate Justice How to negotiate Mock-COP simulations What else can you expect? 2 meals a day Accommodation: Hostel or Dormitory A wonderful social program provided by AEGEE-İzmir Amazing people from all over Europe Does this sound like fun to you? APPLY NOW! APPLICATION DEADLINE: Sunday 22nd of March 2023

RTC Warszawa: Take up, keep up, level up!

Do you want to develop your skills and gain new experience when it comes to the topic of HR? Do you want to take part in meaningful workshops that will help you to thrive on the local and European level? Do you want to meet people from all around Europe? If your answer is YES, we are excited to announce that AEGEE-Warszawa has prepared the perfect event for you! In cooperation … Read more

European Training Course 2023

Do you want to get more involved in the European dimension of AEGEE? Do you want to take a leadership position in AEGEE? Become a member of the Comité Directeur, run for a Speaker Team position in a European Body or apply for a Commission? If the answer to any of these questions are yes, then this event will be perfect for you! We are happy to announce the European Training … Read more

NWM Hamburg: Gateway to the world

Dear AEGEEans, We invite you to the beautiful city of Hamburg.  As the second largest city in Germany, Hamburg is known as the gateway to the world thanks to its fascinating harbor, cultural diversity and the spectacular nightlife. In four days, we will explore the city, embrace its culture, attend workshops on topics that impact your life and most importantly, we will get to know each other and create memories … Read more

Ready to travel in time

It’s time to officially invite you all to a party for all the Dutch AEGEE locals! On friday january 13th, AEGEE-Nijmegen will organise a party with the theme: travel through time . All important periods in time will be represented by our locals. To make sure every period of time will be represented, each local is assigned a different period to dress up as. AEGEE-Groningen represents the Medieval period. So … Read more


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