Strategic Planning Meeting

Type: AEGEE Meeting

Van: 06-07-2022 t/m 10-07-2022
Meld je aan van: 15-04-2022 t/m 25-04-2022

AEGEE-Budapest and AEGEE-Europe invites you to take part in the Strategic Planning Meeting, ✨where your fantasies become reality!✨
During the SPM, motivated AEGEEans will come together to draft the next Strategic Plan, which sets the direction of AEGEE both internally and externally for the next three years. ⌛
The Strategic Plan can be separated into a thematic and an organisational focus. Within the thematic part of the strategic plan a description of the new Focus Areas with their overall goals. ?
On the other hand, the organisational part illustrates structural and organisational improvements that we deem necessary to make AEGEE more effective and efficient in the future!?
So do you want to make a long-term change in AEGEE? ? Do you perhaps have an insight into the processes happening within the Network or a concrete idea about our future thematic orientation? Or do you want to contribute with your experience and insights developed outside of AEGEE, for example during your academic studies, other organisations or in the professional field? ? Then the Strategic Planning Meeting in Budapest is the right event for you to attend!?

? Only a newbie? – No problem! Even if you are a new member, you are very welcome. The most important thing we are looking for in participants is members with a motivation to engage in AEGEE’s future.

What can you expect during SPM Budapest?

  • Engaging sessions about AEGEE’s identity, history, and functioning both internally and externally
  • Quidditch ?
  • A thrilling game called “Basilisk” ?
  • Lord of the Rings: the big journey (around the inner-city of Budapest) ?
  • Direct participation in the creation of the next Focus Areas ✨
  • Inspiring debates about the future of AEGEE ?
  • Movie nights, partying and many more ?? If all of this sounds interesting for you, then don’t hesitate to apply!

Come and visit the beautiful city of Budapest, engage in fascinating discussions and be the change you want to see in the world and within AEGEE!

COVID-19 Regulations for the event?: Participants are expected to have a negative PCR test (two days prior to the event). It is not necessary for the PCR test to have a QR code as long as it validly proves that you have been tested negative.

For any questions concerning logistics, please contact
For any questions concerning the content, please contact

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