AC/TC (AEGEE Comes To Carpathians)

Type: New Year Event

Van: 27-12-2017 t/m 04-01-2018
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Ukrainians have always been knows for their hospitality. This counts for holidays as well – Ukrainian New Year and Christmas is really special. To show this, we are going to take you to the mountains and take part in the most cozy and traditional New Year celebration!

Ivano-Frankivsk will be our first stop. This little city took the best from Austrian, Polish and Ukrainian culture and this unusual mix is definitely worth seeing.
Carpathians is a place full of legends and mysterious stories. Local food, wooden houses and breathtaking landscapes is something you should see by your own eyes! Also Carpathians is where we will celebrate New Year: prepare for the cozy and warm celebration in a family-like company somewhere far away in the mountains…
Fun and active time is also included. If you’re fond of skiing, feel free to take part in optional activities.

Kyiv is the heart of the country. Old town, combined with modern business districts, makes it dynamic and versatile. We will show you the best of it together with telling more about Christmas traditions.
Take your warm clothes and get ready – it will be the holiday you won’t forget!

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