The Summer University in Groningen: A two week rollercoaster of adventures, social activities and partying!!

In this article we, the SU-Cie, want to inform you about the most exciting event AEGEE-Groningen organises: the Summer University. From the 17th of July, two weeks of adventure, social activities and partying will take place. 25 AEGEEans from all over Europe come to visit our beautiful city and we as the SU-Cie want to make this memorable! In order to give everyone the experience of a lifetime, we need YOU to help us!

The program
Our Summer University is called: From Cycling to Cheese: Discover Groningen with its Chilly Breeze! Therefore, we’re going to explore the whole city of Groningen, the famous Schiermonnikoog and have a day trip to Amsterdam. We even visit the seal daycare in Pieterburen! Furthermore, (almost) every night we have a theme party where everyone can show off their wildest dance moves. Furthermore, we organize some educational activities as well, such as a Dutch student culture workshop, an European Citizenship workshop and an Equal Rights workshop. You can find a list of all our activities on the following page:

The committee
Seven beautiful committee members came together in the beginning of October. Lead by the one and only Neepan (Yes-pan in English) Paramajothy a.k.a. Lippenbalsem (Lip Balm in English), this committee is called the SUCie a.k.a. the KirstenCie, due to the high number of members with the name ‘Kirsten’ who are in this committee. One of these Kirstens is Kirsten Broekema a.k.a Broekie (Pantsy in English). She is famous for her sweet Knorr World Meals. Another beautiful Kirsten a.k.a. Shakira, who can hypnotize you with her incredibly sexy salsa dance moves. Last but not least of the Kirstens is Kirsten de Haan a.k.a. Cocky (No English translation needed). Who is a sweet and gentle soul who will never do harm to anybody, unless she is drunk. Furthermore we have Arend-Jan Tissing a.k.a Afgang. His alcoholic scope, knowledge and expertise goes beyond those of normal sommeliers as his skills and talents are unmatched throughout our association. Every Committee has their own casanova, and so do we. Daan van der Schot a.k.a Callgirl is our in house casanova with unparalleled skills and is smooth as a Motherhubber. Last but not least, we have Margriet Visser  a.k.a Kirsten. She has a natural magnetic personality which makes her an ideal leader whenever she is responsible. However, nothing makes Margriet more happier than not being responsible during the sober duty. Before we wrap up the introduction of our committee, we have to introduce one last, vital presence in our committee. The MVP of our committee, who single-handedly attracted 42 AEGEEans all across Europe to apply for our Summer University! Our own mascot: KIRSTEN! Kirsten is the cheese on the bike of our logo! Kirsten is a mascot like no other! During our darkest days, at the edge of our hope, at the end of our will, we look to Kirsten for guidance! Kirsten responds by telling us to eat cheese, put on our cool AEGEE-Groningen sunglasses and cycle forward!

Your role
If you’re already as excited as we are for what is supposed to be ‘the greatest SUmmer ever’, we have good news: YOU can be a part of it! Because we need to set-up numerous activities, every help is really appreciated. For example, we need to cook dinner everyday while organizing other activities, so help in cutting/cooking food is essential. In exchange, you’re allowed to have legen – wait for it – dary parties with us and meet 25 gentle souls from all over Europe. You can help us 1, 2, 5 or 14 days if you want, it doesn’t matter. the choice is yours. You can sign up for the days you want to help via the following link:


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