Ljubljana, here we come!

On Thursday the 17th of April, AEGEE-Groningen will have their annual two-day hitchhiking competition. This year, we are going to Ljubljana, Slovenia!! We know that our members are all ready and eager to start their adventure, but is AEGEE-Ljubljana ready for us? We asked Ana Potocnik, current President of AEGEE-Ljubljana. Spoiler alert: the answer is a very big YES!

Hi Ana! First of all, let’s do a little introduction. Who are you?
I am Ana Potocnik, and I am currently the President of AEGEE-Ljubljana.

AEGEE-Groningen has a special place in your heart already, right? Why is that?
Yes, it does. AEGEE-Groningen has a special place in my heart, that is why I was really happy when you contacted us that you want to hitchhike to Ljubljana 🙂 The Pre-Agora Enschede event “Daredevils and fairytales: follow the rainbow and find your treasure”, which you organised almost 2 years ago was my first AEGEE event. You created some really nice memories for me and made me fall in love with AEGEE spirit. It does not happen every day that you climb a tree in front of the university or hitchhike to Enchede and get a ride with trunk full of squirrels.

In a week, we will visit your beautiful city: Ljubljana. Is AEGEE-Ljubljana ready for us?
I think we are. Hosts are ready, the restaurant is ready, the guide is ready, canoes are ready… We also had a group of people dancing anti-rain dances every morning, so the weather forecast says we will have a nice weather 🙂

In their free time, what should our members definitely do in Ljubljana?
I think we included almost all the things you have to do in Ljubljana in our program. On Saturday there is also a big event, where divers from all over Slovenia come and “clean” Ljubljanica – our river. So checking huge piles of shopping carts, traffic sings, bikes and observing what else people threw into the river in last year can be fun… at least most people from Ljubljana find it very amusing 😛

Are there any Slovenian words they should know before they come to Slovenia?
AEGEE-Groningen thought me the most random and useless phrase in Dutch: Ik wil graag rondjes dansen met een kip op mijn hoofd (which I still cannot pronounce correctly). So let’s see if you Slovene is better than my Dutch:
Rad bi plesal v krogih s piščancem na glavi. (for a male)
Rada bi plesala v krogih s piščancem na glavi. (for a female)

Is there anything that our members should bring for you?
For me? For me personally nothing, but I think our members would not mind some stroopewafels.

And, finally: you once said that you had always wanted to hitchhike to a faraway place someday. So, are you hitchhiking back to Groningen with us ;)?
I would love to, but I have 2 exams before Patra and I will have to study. But I am in Brussels now and I will hitchhike to Munich… and if I enjoy it, I might even try to hitchhike to Ljubljana.
So let’s see who is going to be faster 😀

Anything else you would like to add?
See you in Ljubljana 😀


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