The Summer University committee

Our almighty leader is Nikki, she is hearty, always happy and cares A LOT about the happiness of others. At the moment she’s very, very busy with graduating and becoming the teacher we all dreamed of when we were young, so hopefully when you come party with us during the SU we can have a huge celebration. We have faith in you, Nikki! Seeing how you handle the committee responsibly … Read more

Miniature Groningen on the Emerald Isle

  Top of the morning to you AEGEE-people! Lisa here, from the wonderful cloudy country of Ireland. For my Erasmus I decided to go to Maynooth University, a university in the small town of Maynooth just twenty kilometers outside of Dublin. This choice wasn’t really an obvious one, since I had no idea where I actually wanted to go till just before the deadline of the application. However, I did have … Read more

Traditional Italian alcohol recipes

Italian Limoncello This lemon drink is considered the national drink of Italy. It is great as an after-dinner drink. The taste is a combination of sour and sweet. It has a beautiful yellow colour. This is the traditional recipe how Rosalba Valente makes it back in Bella Italia. Ingredients: 1 liter of pure alcohol 700 grams of water 500 grams of sugar 8-10 yellow lemons (it depends on the size) … Read more

Ladies and gentlemen: The European Committee!

It is true, we already had some great introductions from lovely committees, but of course you were all wondering: ‘’where is the Europe Committee? I really want to get to know them better!’’ Well who are we to deny that to you? So here we are: six beautiful, talented people, willing to organize awesome events for you during the year. We already had a lecture, a gaming night and the … Read more

Does Neepan want a cookie or something else? We’re halfway there! Learn about the boardmembers’ experiences so far…

Time flies when you’re having fun; nothing can be said to be more true when it comes to this year. New Year’s Eve made us aware that  months already had passed within the blink of an eye. To give you some insight in our lives and the, what we consider as funny, jokes we have amongst ourselves, we played a little game. Here come the questions and our answers to … Read more