Announcing the AlmanakCie!

It’s Wednesday night and the weekly meeting is being opened by our amazing (self-proclaimed) chairman Reyno. Reyno is a fanatic water polo player and dice thrower, which makes us forget sometimes that he also studies Communication & Media. When Reyno travels around his main goal is to see how other cultures work. Reyno’s favorite country is North-Ireland. Recently we found out that a female version of Reyno walks on this earth as well, since Reyno appears has a twin sister.

Even before the meeting has started for real, Lineke (our FR) cracks up once again. We don’t even bother to ask her why anymore, we just accepted it. An interesting fact we found out is that Lineke is incredibly bad in the game Jenga. We really don’t encourage you to play this game with her. When Lineke isn’t busy pinching pennies, she puts her finest efforts into her Human Resource Management studies. Lineke travels in order to meet new people and do crazy things because nobody knows her anyway. Lineke has a special love for Italy, and we probably don’t have to elaborate.

I think everyone knows Gert-Jan by now. Present almost every single time at the weekly social drinks, even if he doesn’t have the time available for it. And we certainly don’t mind. Gert-Jan likes to travel around the world in order to taste the local alcoholic beverages, perhaps the reason why Poland is his favorite country. Gert-Jan is the treasurer of this committee and since you probably learn a lot about calculations while studying Computing Science, everything should go pretty smoothly. Oh, and don’t forget to ask him about how his bed is doing!

At the start of every meeting, Lummigje typically mentions that she, for once, will not go to the weekly social drink tonight. But because of the absence of a spine, she gives in after a bit of insisting and says she will go for a little while. Eventually she always ends up in bed at 5 in the morning. Lummigje’s responsibility is the PR of the Almanak, it is a heavy duty to convince everyone to take an Almanak home. This year Lummigje does a second attempt to finish her bachelor Economics & Business Economics. Lummigje travels mostly to discover the natural beauty of the world, which is why Ireland is her favorite country.

Once arrived on the weekly social drinks, our creative angel (she is our angel because Julia is the only one who knows how InDesign works) Julia goes crazy on the dancefloor. Julia studies Design on the Minerva Academy. When Julia travels she does this with the intent to get to know other cultures. It’s no wonder that Japan is her favorite country. Next to her magic skills with InDesign, she is also our secretary and always makes a wonderful scene whenever she tries to spell certain words. Did you know that you could spell the Dutch word “gênant” as “sernate” just fine? Another fun fact about Julia, is that she is the child of the devil.

When we are in the Brouwerij we always make a selfie to score points for the committee competition. Sometimes we forget that we have a far more important goal than  winning the competition, which is designing and delivering the Almanak of ‘18-19’ so all you lovely AEGEE members will never forget this amazing year.

Oh yes, in order to complete this article, Reyno would be Russia, Lineke identifies with  Argentina, Gert-Jan goes for Germany, Lummigje chooses Portugal and Julia picks Austria.


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